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Project H3 RESCUE 2

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Well its time to build another wheeling rig. This will be my third true built wheeler. First was a Suzuki Sidekick linked at both ends with toy axles. Built for comps and hard core wheeling. Second was a WJ Grand Cherokee, built for comfort wheeling (Rubicon, Moab, local trails) with 9's, Atlas, and such (build on mallcrawlin.com)

This is my second comanche and I have missed my first since I sold it.


My new 88 comanche.....4.0 w/ 46k on rebuild. 4.5 short arm with spring over in rear. 31's. Basically bought a solid bodied and motored truck. The lift, axles, t-case, will all go in time. I will begin with bobbing the bed to a short wheelbase length (want to have option of shortbed canopy) From there I will start work on front and rear bumpers, sliders, etc. Then get into the axles and lift. I hope to show my progress on here to you all. The plans are big for this little truck. I hope to have it ready for our annual Moab trip in late August. Not sure it will be were I want it, but hopefully somewhat capable by then.


Cheers to all you MJ lovers out there. Hope you like what you see with my build.



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You should also post these on NAXJA


And make sure you check out the NAXJA NW chapter,we are pretty active and there is always something going on.

Its also a great resource for parts or if you need a hand with something,I know there's a few guys in the olympia area.

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Posted on Naxja, thanks mnkyboy.


Yes the bed is rust and dent free, and the bed will get a QUALITY "hack job" to short bed length. (sorry no trade or sale of bed)


I'll post pics of the progress.


I promise I will not hack or beat up this comanche, it is an excellent rust free and clean example.


My last build...quality. (hope this eases any stress of this truck getting "hacked")

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

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Could I ask...what will you do with the topper? I might be interested.


Its for sale on craigslist for $100. I'm in Washington state, not sure if it would be worth the drive unless your stationed military up here at fort lewis or something.



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what did you end up getting the xj for? it was on C/L with a rather high price tag for a while. i love that grand cherokee, sweet



I think you mean the MJ? I paid $3500 for the comanche. And yes it was priced at $4500 I think. I paid to much for the truck but then again I looked at a few before buying this one. This one, while not perfect, is VERY solid with no dirt piled up in the corners or rot anywere. I'm happy with the truck and it was worth the money to me for what I wanted and my budget.


Thanks, I miss that Grand. I had a ton of time, $, and sweat into that rig. I sold it during my divorce (and regret selling). I sold it to a gentleman Howard down in San Diego a couple years ago, and he recently sold it himself. So its still out there getting wheeled and enjoyed. Glad I didn't sell it local, would kill me to see it around town...lol.



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Starting bobbing the bed yesterday. Should have pics and info on how we did it soon. Its looking good. Took out over 15 inches to make it shortbed length, so some frame...err, unibody mods became more than anticipated. But want it right so were building new shackle mounts and frame supports as well as bed bob.


Pics soon.

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Started by pulling bed and taking our measurments for cutting to short bed length.

Started cutting the bed up

Cut bed support out of leftover section to reinforce the conection area on bed. notched and clamped it in place.

Started lining the bed up for re connection.

Started tacking the bed into place

Got the bed all welded up and ready for grinding.

The it was time to start working on shortedning the frame. A 1/8 4x4 fit perfect.

Next was working on the new mounts

Added in a couple stiffeners for corners and to support tailgate mounts

Then just welded everything up, ran wiring.


Just have some gringing left to do and then the body work. Pics hopefully tomorrow of it finished

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looks like a very well done job. whos got the bobbed yota?


Thats my roommate's ride. Its a nice rig. Very understated till you get up close and really start looking at the work its had done.


Donnie is also got a toyota wheeler.


Thats why I ended up with that damn Marlin sticker on my back window...lol.

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Yah, you did do a great job on it for sure. Quality work.


After looking at it and owning two shortbeds, it really looks odd to me though. I keep finding myself wanting to reach into the screen and move the flare and rear axle forward!



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