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Jeep Commander


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Due to my present work on a gas receiving plant, I needed a rental car for 6 months (require 4x4 diesel), and what was more natural than renting a Jeep, brand new, picked it up at the dealer.


The Mercedes engine is impressive, 218 hp 3.0 CRD diesel


It’s not an MJ, but ok for a rental car. :-)














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Want to replace my wifes 04 Grand with a Commander, but she thinks it is too big for her. Yet she used to swipe my 85 K10 Silverado longbox all the time. :nuts: . Next year we should be seein' a diesel WK and I assume a XK as well. But I think displacement is going to be 3.5 liters.

I keep looking at the Commanders at work and picturing them with a bit of lift and 33's.

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he,he.. the top of modern engines looks like a suitcase, but the little ‘thing’ under the “samsonite” cover is very powerfull to be only 3 litre.


The press writes…

3.0-litre CRD diesel powerplant pops up all over the Chrysler, Jeep and Mercedes-Benz ranges and with good reason. Its one of the most impressive diesel engines money can buy. Its 218bhp output is capable of making a Mercedes C-Class feel indecently quick but when tasked with hauling the rather weightier Commander body about, it instead relies on its 510Nm of torque. This is more than even the Commanders range-topping V8 Hemi engine can manage.


On the road it equates to a sprint to 60mph in 8.7 seconds and a top speed of 120mph. Economy is very respectable at 30.9mpg and emissions are rated at 284g/km.




Even the new ‘old american’ Hemi, have the same Samsonite plastic look 8)


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