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Factory Roll-bar

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Aer you wanting to buy, or wanting to buy then flip to someone here?


To buy for yourself:

Rollbars go for $50-100, depending on condition.

Lights.... well, you can get a pair of 130w, 300,000 candlepower Autopals for $25, and they are pretty darn good. 20yo OEM? not so much. $5/light?



Also, I would try to refrain from calling them a roll-bar. They will cave like tin foil if you ever actually roll.

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depending on how much i could get for it would be the deciding factory on whether or not I buy the whole truck then flip the rollbar a brush guard and extra set of rims and tires to make some of my money back.


I would say a couple hundred... maybe.


OEM parts are cool... but there's not too many that would pay extra when any rollbar from a compact will work.

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What exactly does NOS stand for?


New Old Stock



brand spankin' new out of a very very old box. :D



and you might, and I mean might get over 100 for it seeing as it's a longbed bar. but since you can't ship it, you'd have to find someone close by that wanted it. and if it's rusty like the bar in my '90 was, those numbers drop dramatically.

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On 7/17/2021 at 7:30 PM, CHARLIE said:

i have a comanche long bed rollbar and i want to put it in a comanche short bed and i need the measurements to be able to cut it 


the difference is not just in length, but also angle. 

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