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Best Lift?

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I'm looking to see what the best lift kit is for an 87 Jeep Comanche 4x4. Its got the dana 30 & 35. I'm wondering what the best lift is for 2-4 inches of lift. I need an easy install also lol. I thought about a simple lift with a block for above the coil spring and i don't know about the back. I don't want to have to weld. Just want a bolt up. I don't want to mod and brake lines or anything. Thanks!

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Best is a matter of personal opinion and what you're trying to do with the truck .

2" is about max for pucks and shackles , or you can put an AAL in the rear giving you about 2" .

At 4" you'll need springs , track bar , shocks , upper and lower control arms , drop brackets at least .

Anything over 4" and it starts getting expensive , SOA , SYE , drop brackets or long arms , brake lines , track bar relocation and lots of welding , never mind steering or beefing up the axles

for bigger tires .

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Most kits are considered bolt on so modification is real limited with said " bolt on " kits up until you're sitting high on short arms or you plan a long arm upgrade .

A more desirable kit would be mostly hybrid with custom parts , corrected pinion angles and welded crossmember for long arms .

They drive better , last a little longer and are set up for what you're doing with the truck , thats modification you can not easily reverse , bolt on kits can be taken off .


For a 2"-3" lift , shocks . pucks , AAL . I'm sure a couple guys up here have a mild lift for ya' .

Or , ZJ V8 front coils , chevy shackles , and a one inch spacer for the coils should net about 2" .

No need to modify anything else , no welding and other than getting the AAL or shackles in its a breeze .

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I'm mostly on road with the truck, but theres bad ruts and mud when we go hunting. I am offroad a bit also though. I'm wanting to run 31's or a little over. I have 28's on the truck. Also I want the look. My parts truck's springs are 2 inches longer than those on my truck. I figured that should accomplish 2 inches up front, because the parts truck sits higher. And the rear of the parts truck has an extra leaf spring. So free lift? How would I go about doing this? What will I need to do to change these springs out and put the leaf springs outta the other truck and onto mine? Will I need a coil compressor? Or just shock disconnect and jack it up? I kind of need some instructions. Thanks! :huh???: :dunno:

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Sounds like a canidate for a simple 3" and 31" tires.


Sounds like you have about 2" worth of the lift right in front of ya, so definently just pull the parts you want and swap em over. As for anything else just pick up a set of XJ 2" rear shackles (about 1-1.5" on an MJ) and a set of 1.5" pucks (coil spacers) for the front and you should be set.


My 88 with about 3.5" of lift and 31" tires is on the far right, the 90 Eliminator (Red truck) is Stock on 30" tires so theres somewhat of a comparison for ya :thumbsup:



As for the install. You should not need coil compressers for 2" springs, just find a friend, some tools and a few hours and I'm sure when you take a peak under there and whats all involved youll storm right through it in no time :cheers:

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I agree , also before messing with the springs you will need a spring clamp and proper diagnostics of the parts you plan on swapping before you do allot of work .

The rear shackle bushings can be a beeaach so a torch can ease them out better than hammering all night long , if you end up doing that .

A good jack and some stands and these guys on here is all you need ... :redX:

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For what you want to accomplish, it can be done cheap and easy.


Front coils: v8 ZJ coils (1993-1998 Grand Cherokee)

Rear: 1988-1997 Chevy 2" drop shackle


Slap on some rims with minimal backspacing and some 31's and you are rolling.

For 2", there is no need to replace control arms, shocks, brake lines, etc.



Now, for 3" cheap:

Front: v8 ZJ coils, Camaro coil isolator

Rear: Hell Creek AAL

For 3" there is no need to replace CA's, shocks, brake lines....


Now for 3" done right:

Front: aftermarket 3" coils. Problems with Rusty's are well documented. Go RE, Terraflex, Rancho, OME, or other REPUTABLE brand. New CAs will give you extra turning room and slightly beefier components. I like RE personally.

Rear: New Hell Creek leafs. Great products, USA made, and they support the board.

Couldn't hurt to grab new shocks for additional travel, and swapping in soem factory YJ or other stainless braided brake lines couldn't hurt.


Difference between cheap and done right: Things that don't NEED to be replaced get replaced.


As for the off-topic TJ tires... early years SE models came with smaller tires. All other trim levels came with 30's, with the exception of Rubicons that came with 31's

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