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Front control arms

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They look like some basic radius arms,they would be easy to make.


A few guys here have made long arms but I don't know if anyone has done radius arms because they are fairly inexpensive to buy and probably the least desireable of long arm suspensions.


If I were going to build long arms I would look at a 3 link or 4 link setup depending on how you use your truck.

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Lots of people make their own... I just don't trust my welding skills to the point where I would use it for a suspension component that sees large forces, and has catastrophic results if it breaks (my rigs are all DD's).


For something like that, I leave it to the pros.

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I hate to be a potential wet blanket, but I gotta mention that it's illegal to drive on the street with a home-brew suspension here in michigan. not sure about other states. I wouldn't worry about the being pulled over by the cops too much, but in the event of a failure you could be liable for all damage (i.e. your insurance company might not cover anything).

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thats your typical radius arm design, aka y-link. they work better than short arms, but to me are the poorest performing type of long arms.


i made my own 4 link. use MINIMUM of 2", 1/4" wall DOM tube for the lowers. also get some good flex joints, i used Johnny Joints. build it right, and it will be safer than stock. also, the mounting is KEY on unibodies. you can't just weld mounts to the frame. i plated the inside and outside of the frame first.

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Thanks for all the input guys...

It's just a Daily driver, but I've always like the look of the long arm 3 links. Since I won't wheel it I think I'll let my mad fab :clapping: skills run wild... I'll post some pics when the time comes.


I still can't get pics to load, but maybe by then I'll have that figured out.. (better in the garage than on the pc)



But again, Thanks for the input

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