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girls and coincedences


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theres this really good lookin blond that works at starbucks ---often has coffee with me on her breaks --- today i realize that she drives a WHITE ELIMINATOR !!

PART 2 my son has a new gf ( ive seen her around , works at the super market ,super-hot) guess what ---- has a BLACK ELIMINATOR !!!

quite a coincedence in a small isolated coastal comunity.

PART 3 guy phones me this eve about my blue truck. I'm standing in my driveway amongst 2 cherokees and 3 comanches and while I'm talking to him he tells me that he's standing in his driveway amongst hi s 2 cherokees and 3 comanches.

i went in and told my fam. the wondered if it was a dopleganger situation or prehaps my phone was reaching a parallel universe lol.

--and yes, i did turn him on to comancheclub. :thumbsup:

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Without pics of Blondes, they're not real. :brows:


Fixed it for ya.


on a blonde, they're never real... :clapping:


Perhaps, but just to be sure, we should inspect all of them.



yeah. and no simple 1 point inspections. a solid 5 point inspection and a test ride (er...drive) are a must :rotf:

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