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sliders or rock rails available for the MJ

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It's not hard to build your own, though MJ rails have a few challenges to them. namely the frame is sheetmetal, and many of us don't really have any pinch seam left to supplement the frame mounts (plus the pinch seam doesn't extend past the cab). I worked around both issues by drilling holes through the frame and pushing the stringer bars through and welding them to both sides. I've dropped the MJ on them. :D I tucked my in to the body as much as I could, but you could extend them out more for use as a step. oh, and if you weld, be sure to use an adapter plate so as to spread out the load on the sheetmetal.





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We are still pumping out MJ sliders for both LWB and SWB. :cheers:




Thanks alot, i hadn't seen you guys through any google searches or anything.



Price is way outta my league for what they are though. i'll keep an eye on your site if i need anything down the road :cheers:





i've looked into the whole 'chop' your rockers and replace with 2x4 or whatever i'd like and i'll probably end up doing that or ordering some Trail Gear sliders and fabbing them up how i have them on my durango.



onto my durango aka the DD 1998 5.9L SLT Plus 155,XXX built the bumper from scratch with a buddy blah blah blah but the TG sliders



another good pic of the sliders, broken on same trail but different time, first time (previous pic) i went alone :fool:


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MJs have a pretty long wheelbase. make sure they'll work for ya. :thumbsup:



Thanks, i'll look into that not sure what the proper length is but i'll measure in the morning



I picked up my 78" TG for $100 when they had them on sale, wish i had my MJ back then.

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