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look at these front lights on the manche


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ok so its not an orignal manche part..and now that i look again, i don't like the front end..but,

it looked to me like it was just a hole cut in a big flare for the light.....even tho it isnt

and i think that would look sweet if a manche had a light on a flare like that

anyone got any pics or links???

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It is a 97+ front end with the lower section of the header panel cut to fit Commander lights. As for the 'just a hole cut in a big flare for the light', them are TJ front flares I believe. As someone already stated, check out NAXJA, there's a lot of people doing the Commander light swap. Me personally, I don't really care for it too much, but at the same time, it is something different, so in that sense, I like it. Heck, I recently bought a Waggy header panel to put on Baby, since it's different. :clapping:

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