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Turn a pencil into a light


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Cute. If you had some way of shielding it with inert gas it would last longer.


When I was too young to know better, I used to cut open dead D-cell batteries (the standard ones, not alkalines -- which hadn't been invented back then anyway) and hook two of the center electrodes (which were nothing but carbon rods) to the two leads of a lamp cord. Plug it in, ALMOST touch the ends of the two rods together, and it made a carbon arc lamp.


It's a miracle I didn't burn the house down and/or electrocute myself.

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So......here's a nice little trick for you pencil addicts........


Take a small piece of plan paper, scribble on it with the pencil to build up a nice layer of graphite, nice and shinny.........Place paper in Micro wave oven, set timer for 5 seconds, start MW and watch what happens :D


But......you didn't hear this from me :roll:

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