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Fuel Tank size?

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I was wondering how I would tell the difference in a 20 Gallon gas tank and a 13? Did the 13 only come in the Short box MJ's and the 20 in the Long?


The previous owner of my MJ put a different sending unit in it; since then the gas gauge has been off. Way past full is full, Full is half, and half is quarter. Since my fuel pump went bad on me i'm going to replace the sending unit also, but I need to know the size of tank I have.


Thanks for the imput



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my 88 swb had an 18 gal tank, not sure of the other size option for swb, and i am not sure what my new swb has in it. my 86 lwb has the 23.5 gal optional tank, the small stock tank is 16.5 gals or sumthin stupid like that IIRC. i would have to look in my manual for sure though.


y not run it down as far as you can and then go fill it up? see how many gals u can fit in it then see what it is closest to? just my $.02 8)



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I could be that the PO just installed the sending unit incorrectly, bent the wire, tangled up on the elect wires??? :dunno:


I just checked my Jeep parts manual and is shows-

Sending unit (and Tanks) - EFI Eng.

w/16 Gal Tank w/2.5L - 7Ft Box

w/16 Gal Tank w/4.0L - 7ft Box

w/18 and 23.5 Gal Tank w/2.5L - 6 and 7 Ft box

w/18 and 23.5 Gal Tank w/4.0L - 6 and 7 Ft box

The 16 Gal tank was used 1988 - 7ft box

The 23.5 was an option for 7 Ft box, and the ones I seen have 3 straps on them.


I know, it's confusing, But it's a Jeep :D


Also there is 2 fuel pumps, one for the 2.5 and one for the 4.0, and no we won't even get to the '86.

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Woah, thats a lot of replys. Thanks guys..


My tank has three straps on it, its a long box.


I really wish I had a manual for my MJ. The previous owner must have thrown it out. :cry:




Send me a PM on the Mothership. I have an extra set I will sell cheaply to another MWC.

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The 3 strap tank is the 23 gal LWB tank. I hade to pull mine out - rust holes all in it :eek: . Replaced it with a 16 gal SWB tank. Biggest problem was the filler line was off. I probably could have set it further back, but the J bolt bent the rear mount while trying to get the old tank out and I was in too much of a hurry to try to fix that. By the time I got the filler working properly (without leaking), I probably could have easily just moved the tank back. :mad: Laziness does not always pay off. :dunce:

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