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Stuck with a decision


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There's an '86 Manche for sale I'm going to look at on Wednesday. It's a 2.5L, 207, 904, with a 4" lift (sounds just like mine), for $500. I want it. The guy said he's willing to part it even, as long as he gets $500. Problem is, driveway's crowded...


'86 Camaro (Mom's)

'97 Tacoma (Mom's)

'67 Sportvan (Dad's)

'02 F-350 (Dad's)

'03 F-350 (Dad's)

'04 Winnabango (Family's)

'76 2500HD (Brother's)

'04 Ranger (Brother's)

'85 2500HD (Mine)

'84 Toy (Mine)

'86 Manche (Mine)


What do I do??????

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Lol. Our driveway's huge and everyone double parks each other.

I know I'm going to use at least $500 of parts that I could have gotten off of it, but everyone would :mad: if I brought it home. :dunno:


I kind of hope it's a pile just so I can be happy if I don't buy it, but if it's worth it...


Why doesn't anyone else on here live in OR so they can buy it and park it at their house so I can go there and tell them what to do to it, and drive it for them?

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