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  1. It's black I'll work on getting pics or you can PM me your cell number.
  2. I think I have one. I'll look tomorrow and grab a pic.
  3. 97+ XJ header panel with wiring and drivers front fender. Very small dent or cracks. Red, clear coat is chipping $100 97+ XJ front light harness $10 Rare XJ wagoner grill and headlight bezels. Chrome is in good shape $100 MJ shifter console small chip, broken tabs $10 Somewhat rare MJ Eliminator center console insert (same as XJ but e brake slot is blocked off) cracked pretty good. Epoxy it? Sale pending Hens teeth rare MJ colum shift 4WD lever console , mint sale pending Rare XJ floor mount E break handle. $25 XJ mint radiator support. $10 MJ stock replacement rear shocks, only mounted then removed. 0 miles $20 MJ bench seat brackets, $20 TJ stock replacement front shocks. Maybe 300 miles on them. Missing one rubber donut. $25 TJ front sway bar with almost new end links. $20 TJ 2" spacer lift $40 Local pickup on larger items.
  4. I have run into this as well. I just pulled the upper shackle bolt first then reversed the lower bolt position.
  5. I think it is more of a family Jeep than a girl Jeep but I would suggest a 2008+ Liberty. By the newer body style they had the bugs that plagued the first gen sorted out. We bought ours in 2008 and with 90k on it we have only had to do brakes thus far. Regular oil changes are key for the 3.7L.
  6. Wow, the NH Comanche owners are coming out of the woodwork.
  7. I have you both beat. My old MJ didn't even come with floors. That was a factory option right?
  8. 10w30 in the ax-15. That is what the Jeep dealer uses and recommends.
  9. You gotta love the dueling spotters. Passenger!...Driver!............ Passenger!... Driver!
  10. Good point with the wheel drop. I don't really get why the steering does not clear either. The only thing I can think of at this point is that the RE 5.5 coils gave me more than 5.5"s of lift. The front is currently sitting higher then the rear SOA. If that was the case though I would think the drop pitman arm would have fixed it. At this point I really don't know what direction to go in.
  11. Shortening is simple. Lengthening is a lot more involved. It requires re tubing the shaft. They basically only use the ends. It is also about 4-6 times the cost of shortening depending on the diameter and wall thickness of the tube you choose.
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