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  1. I broke down and put carpet in the cab area of my YJ. I bought an open box carpet set from Amazon and saved about $40. All the pieces and instructions were there just the original box had some damage. Well worth checking out other buying options.
  2. 67% here too. I would definitely do better 70's-90's.
  3. Anybody have any experience with this?
  4. Ok so I was able to start the jeep with this spare NSS. The pin that the NSS attaches to is pointed straight up when in park. The position's that it starts in look more like 1st and 3rd or Drive maybe. Can you put them back together wrong? Tried the same thing with the original NSS that came off the trans didn't work in any position even after cleaning it up.
  5. Ok back again kinda the same issue but with a little twist. 2 cleaned up and one new NSS, still won't start unless it's jumpered between B&C. Also I have no back up lights, trans fuse is good.
  6. Bad injector or 2? My wrangler popped a code 33 (injector circuit issue), turned out one injector was going out. Ran like crap when it started acting up. Replaced all of them with a new set no more issues.
  7. First of all let me thank you all for the advice given in this thread. Finally got some time and the weather was cooperative. Started out with a video from Nickintime about the starter relay and after some testing that wasn't the issue. Had no power from the ignition switch to the relay which led me to the NSS. I jumpered B&C with a paperclip and got it to turn over finally. Have an extra one cleaned up and ready to go on. Just figured I should revisit this thread to help anyone else that might have this issue.
  8. Dewalt 1/2 like Pete. Also have the 3/8 impact for the tighter fitting areas.
  9. dante2


    Ar-15 is a good choice but you might start hunting 5.56/.223 before you get the rifle. I don't know about your area but the big three (5.56/.223 and 9mm) are pretty scarce around here. 5.56/.223 is going for close to or more than $1 per round. It was going for about .30 to .33 this time last year. Get extra mags and save them, they could be hard to find before long.
  10. Beats the hell out of this contraption. AZ rental tool used when I did the front suspension work on the 04 Libby. It works but very cumbersome to use effectively.
  11. Wow thanks for the heads up. Went all day today without even realizing what day it was. Damn my memory is getting horrible.
  12. Lengthen the bed a little more and it's almost resembles a Scrambler. I would definitely jump on one of those even with the 3.6.
  13. We have 2 Libby's an 03 4x4 and an 04 2wd. 03 just rolled 240k and the 04 is over 245k. The 04 has started the nickel and dime routine but up to this point has been a very reliable vehicle (Wife is the 2nd owner putting on 190k of those miles). The 03 we have put on about 27k miles (also 2nd owner) and it has been a good cheap little ride. I think the Liberty's are hit or miss on getting a good one. The wife replaced the 04 with a 2020 JL with the 3.6. The engine is pretty peppy with the 8 spd auto. I don't think you can go wrong with the 3.6 GC, we were looking at them to replace the 04 Libby before she jumped on the Wrangler.
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