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  1. dante2

    scam or not...

    That 20V XR impact is a workhorse. No more busted knuckles using a breaker bar. It really is like having an air impact without having to drag out the compressor. I bought the 3/8 version for the hard to reach areas just haven't had a chance to use it yet.
  2. Still looking for a dark blue console.
  3. How much are you asking for it?
  4. What color is that? It's so dirty it's hard to tell.
  5. Still looking for a dark blue mini console...
  6. It looks like part of the mod was done but not sure if it is complete or not. I got the breather tubes pulled from inside the cover and noticed that it has a hole drilled on the flat side closest to the cover. My question is how long should the tube be after cutting it down?
  7. dante2

    Rim Question

    The gamblers look really great with that color. Wheels definitely make the vehicle.
  8. Put the 1.25" Spidertrax spacers on the rear axle. Made a huge difference in the stance, looks so much better now. Also cleaned out the A/C drain on the firewall. No more wet carpet!
  9. Both the 89 and my 94 YJ are both $25 a year in Oklahoma.
  10. Yep need to spin them definitely didn't get them in the right spot.
  11. I got the Dana 30 installed a couple of weeks ago and went together after some help from here with the LCA's. I put in new shocks and GC coils to get a couple inches to level the truck. I do have some noise going over bumps or dips coming from the front.end. Is it possible to have the lower end of the coil in the wrong position or are MJ's just noisy by nature? Possibly another issue? Hard to tell in the pic but the end of the coil is touching the back of the steering knuckle. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8my458ag2mo8270/IMG_20170711_153308_550.jpg?dl=0
  12. Well yeah that would help a ton. Looks like I will have to go the PITA route with the engine still in it. Where about did you put the hole in the firewall?
  13. Muddfoot are you running a floor shift for the trans? Did you drill a hole for the cable?
  14. For those that have done the conversion what shifters did you use for 4wd and trans shifter? I stripped a 94? XJ of it's shifter parts but only a couple of holes on the trans cover plate line up. The 4wd shifter cup is hitting the body before any of the holes line up. Should I be looking for some older parts or do I need to do some cutting? Also can someone with a floor shift auto trans get a pic of where you made a hole for the cable? Thank you for your help.
  15. Jeep driver thank you for the link but Fuel doesn't really have anything that interests me as far as designs. Strokermjcomanche very nice Comanche thank you. Tex06 yep like dat. thank you. Keep the pics coming everybody.
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