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WTB: AX-15


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Bought one from ManTrans in Tallahassee FL. It was pricey but they shipped it on a pallet ready to install with the NP 231 already mounted. They don't want your BA10 but will give you a $200 core for your NP 231. The ax15 was new and the np231 was rebuilt with all new parts and converted to 23 spine. Also had a B&M short throw shifter already on it. All plus shipping just under 2 grand. Only problem could not find a pilot bushing had to have on machined to fit. If your willing to lay out that kind of cash on your ride. www.mantrans.com or (850)222-6993 can fix you up, I haven't had any problems with mine and its been in about 1 year. Good luck.


jim:87 4X4 4.0 Comanche Pioneer.

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