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Hello from Washington


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hi, i am tim....


i have been into jeeps for a long time. been playing with my tj for about 13 years and now am coming into a mj... i still have to go get it but it was free...


as it sits, no engine. was a 4 banger but now i can do what i want to i guess. i don't even know what year... i do know i always wanted a comanche.


anyways, i will add more info and hopefully won't be too boring with my questions. (don't worry, i know what the search function does) :)


here's a pic of my current jeep since i don't have one of the mj yet...



ok, that was two.... :yes:

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Welcome to the group, ask all you want!


Once you pick up the new MJ, please put the specs in your signature (done through the user control panel), so that when you do ask a question, we know exactly what Year, engine, trans, x-fer, etc... you are talking about. Sounds like you are going to have a project in your hands!


Rob L. :cheers:

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thanks guys!


i will add all that info as soon as i can. looking forward to hitting that thing with my wrenches!!!


there has been a plan in my head for one of these for many years. i already know what i want to do with the suspension, tires and body... the engine right now is up in the air and that will determine what tranny.


i swapped an aw-4 into my tj last winter and i really like that, so i might be headed towards a 4.0. i like to keep the engine stuff simple once it is in place. makes later repairs and finding parts easier. i know some of my friends with xjs have cooling problems so i think i want to stick close to oem on this one.


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how tough was that aw4 into the TJ swap?



i literally did it one armed as i just had gotten out of a cast on my right arm. it took me 21 days to do it. i will post three links below from my swap.


this one is hosted by my pal stu, he was kind enough to go ahead of me and do this swap while figuring out all the hard stuff... aw-4s never were found in tjs until someone decided to put a good auto in since the factory wouldnt :D



the next one is the write-up from stu's swap which i used for all the wiring and other ideas... there are some differences between our swaps but it is mostly personal preference stuff



this third link is the thread i used for compiling parts and ideas. many people stepped in to help and it has also helped a few others trying to do this swap.



the only thing i had to change after the swap was the cooling. i moved the small cooler into the grille.

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