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The 4.0 is one strong engine!


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I currently work at a dealership and we have just begun killing the engines in the clunkers. The process involves draining the engine oil, adding 2 quarts of liquid silicone glass to the engine, and then running the engine until it fails.


Most engines last just under a minute but the 4.0 runs for just over 3 minutes befores she quits.



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I just stopped by the loacl route 14 junkyard by my work. I ran into an old member (rebeljeeper1) I believe. His name is mike, and he has one of the cleanest late model eliminators ever. He frequented the group a ton when it was still on the yahoo board. He remembers Pete, and just said hes been busy. I told him to visit again. I also ran into the guy I sold my cop car to (works at the junkyard) and he told me to give him my number, and I will get the first heads up on any comanches coming in to the yard. :brows:


Here is a pic of mikes truck for those who have never seen it: (Mike I hope you don't mind)


He just re-did it a few years ago, and got THE LAST set of factory OE eliminator decals. Also got one of the last mopar carpet sets, and a bunch of other things. I hope he comes back to visit...


He had it parked where they usually park C4C cars :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: , I just about had a baby until I realized that it wasn't scheduled for the axe. Talk about a heart attack. If his truck would have been C4C'd, I'd have murdered someone.


Luckily, He said he would most likely never sell it. :thumbsup:

Rob L.

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Nice truck. :drool:


Not so nice camera. :dunno:


It would have been a better pic, but it was my camera phone, and I was still shaking because I was still in "screaming teenage girl" mode after seeing it up close.


What can I say.... Its a nice truck, and it turned me into a crack addict staring at the biggest score of his life.




Rob L. :D

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