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D35 Question

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Good.........I was hoping it was somewhere around the 4.10 range :brows:


(note.......I know, craw under and hope a tag's still hanging there........)


Thanks Geonovast :D



Don't be happy just yet. It could easily be a 3.55 or 3.31, etc.

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Yea........the 12 step program seam to work...........I'm stuck at 12 MJ's and haven't add any more in the past 3 months :fs1:


But, one is almost parted out, so I need a replacement for that one.


:doh: that right, the year isn't over........yet.........


Just trying to find a D35 for someone else, with 4.10's, for their 2wd, And, thinking of what I might have "on hand" :roll:


Yea, I know, the only "true" way of knowing, is to pull the cover off and read the gears, but, just a guest of what might be there, makes it worth while to pull the cover.


I got the "half price" thing.......but who wants a 2wd in the north country :hmm:


My first one was 2wd, 2.5, but I've out grew that, 4wd and 4.0 is all I want now :yes:


Oh, and parts...........yea, just ask Cherokee about that. He know where more parts are in the shop than I do now :rotfl2:

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