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Post your gardens..


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OK folks.. I know some of you have gardens.. Soooo post up some pictures... The only thing I have growing this year is some Cilantro, Chives, and Parsley.. Other then a few house plants.. Which Brent if you see this thread that vine thing Tina gave S is crazy big.... My family (Mom, Dad, Brother, cuz's, myself) we usually have a 2 acre garden, but we're taking the year off for sub soiling and Mom n Dad just planted some raised beds this year..


I want to see how green your thumbs are...

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No pics, but in the backyard this year we have




birdhouse gourds


wild strawberries taken from our fav campsite



finger carrots

cherry tomatoes

lavender (4th year)



cherry tree (15 yrs)


Out front we have



tiger lillies (4th year)

day lillies (4th year)

elephant ears

red tulips (4th year)

creeping jenny

lilac (15th year)


removed this weekend:


willow tree due to beetles and encroaching roots on water line from street


A bit of landscaping was done 4 years ago, and an auto sprinkler system installed to keep all the nice plants alive during the dry months (aka Summer).

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I've got the following in pots, still on the deck at the old house (waiting to be moved this weekend):


4 better boy 'mater plants

2 cherry tomato plants

2 plum tomato plants

4 bananna peppers

2 red peppers

2 green bell peppers

2 curly parsley

2 flat leaf italian parsley

4 basil

1 rosemary

1 cilantro


Out back in the old yard, I put in 2 crepe myrtles and a peach tree last fall and in front are 2 chinese maples and a butterfly bush from hades.......gotta dig all those up and transplant them this weekend too. Gonna be fun....



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It used to look like a real garden, many years ago. But the raspberries took over the back half and I gave up fighting the rabbits, so you'll see raspberries galore, 6 kinds of cherry and regular tomato plants (rabbits hate tomato) and a few beans climbing the middle fencing. The biggest addition this year is the automatic watering device I whipped up just before I left for 2 weeks in Georgia. I bought a water timer and a couple cheap sprinklers, strung it all up above the garden hanging it from the top of the clothesline pole, and now my garden gets water at 5am and 5pm each day. I can't ever forget. jamminz.gif



And I planted a few beans and tomatoes in the planters box in the deck (note the small sprinkler for them too)

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Sounds good guys..


This fall I'm going to start rooting some Leyland Cypress' and doing propagation of some other types of trees.


I been looking into timers too Pete, but I need them to be able to control in the secs. I have a Allen Bradly micrologic 1000 PLC controller I might just use to control the humidity with, but I don't have a 24V inverter or 24V solenoid valves.


I wanted to grow some Roma tomatoes, just didn't have the time to do anything.


When we lay out our big garden I'm always in control of the melons. My mom is a big time heirloom tomato grower. She got a few vines growing now that look really sticky.. can't wait to slice open a Brandywine tomato if anyone needs any seeds let me know.


My dad does the beans.. pole mostly but in all sorts of colors, and other pod types.


My bro, when he can, does peppers. We all chip in and do corn, squish, cucumbers, cabbage, leaf lettuce, and berries.


I would love to have a orchard and vineyard one day..


We do have some big muscadine vines growing around (that makes some delicately fine tasting wine- pm me)

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I been looking into timers too Pete, but I need them to be able to control in the secs.


How much variation is there between the different crops? I've never really taken much of a scientific angle on watering amounts. Just as long as it's "enough". :D I figure the extra water will just go away on its own.

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Its for misting to keep humidity levels high. mist on for 2 sec off for 30,, kinda like what youd see in the produce section at a grocery store.


You want the bottom of the cuttings warm but the foliage cool. You don't want to keep the plants soaked to keep them from rotting, but they need high moisture levels. late spring early fall is the best time to do this. Willow water will be used as a root hormone.. Google it. Willow water is good for any plant, or freshly planted seeds.

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Maybe we'd believe that all was yours if you had changed the address of the picture. :D




That's a pretty complex system JT. :eek:


The best my plants ever get is I scoop in some Miracle Grow potting soil when I first drop them in. I've always meant to dig out all the crappy clay-based soil (my area was a swamp a hundred years ago) and replace it with real dirt. :doh: Although the tomatoes don't seem to mind all that much, especially the cherries. :dunno: As long as the cherries get water, they will easily overgrow their supports. Which is why I built the auto-waterer. Last year I left for a while and put a couple of the neighborhood girls in charge of everything. My dogs and cat were fine, but I came back to a decimated garden. I learned my lesson. Apparently my garden isn't cuddly enough to garner any attention from kids. :fs1:

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OK you ask for it here you go! Green enough! :rotf:



Used to be go north of Kansas City MO toward Leavenworth Kansas and along the railroad tracks plants looking exactly like this grew wild! But, it was hemp. They used to farm hemp in that area for making rope and seeds would blow off.

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I have a large saltwater reef setup that I have geeked out with all the timers, wave generators, and overcomplicated systems. My garden gets some pesticide if I see signs of bugs or disease, and a mild amount of organic fertilizer but other than that I have a cheap timer on the water only because I will turn it on and end of forgetting about it all day. I grow 4 varieties of tomato, bell peppers, onions, ornamental corn, chocolate mint, cilantro, sage, lemon basil, etc. as well as pumpkins, watermelon, strawberry's, and zucchini. I am at work and don't have any pictures right now. I also grew up on an apple orchard with around 500 trees. :thumbsup:

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Which Brent if you see this thread that vine thing Tina gave S is crazy big...

Sorry I didn't see this until now, but I have been completely buried and had no time for anything but work and school. If that is what I think it is, they will get monstrous if left outside to climb a tree. We don't have a "garden" per say, but JT, you and Steph have been here and seen our mini-jungle that Tina has amassed in the back yard.

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