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meet and greet in june/july?


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done deal.


long as I don't have to d/d to jefferson...


I'd like to be the drunk guy all day if I can...


you're always drunk right?


so bon fire at your place after the show or what?



no not always. just need to make up for the past two birthdays, and it just so happens that that's the week I'm able to again.


likely gonna do a bonfire here after that. probably gonna depend on weather.

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Anytime and anywhere in June would work for me. I'll be all moved in by then hopefully. July I have a few things planned, I'm the best man in my buddies wedding one weekend - kinda gotta be there for that...


It'll be nice to meet you guys! AMC show would be pretty sweet.

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Will, I was scary when you met me at the UAW chrysler show? :hmm:




Rob L.



You guys are talking about turning this into an all-night drunky....


The difference between youngins and oldsters is... oldsters can still match the youngins drink for drink, but we can't face the next morning the same way anymore....


You were underage back then..... 8)

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I think Pat was the only one wanting to drink (not that its a bad thing image_209027.gif )


I'll have ONE beer to pass the time, but I'm more interested in meeting you guys and sharing stories...


The more the merrier!

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