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Yarg......shell finding woes continue...........and SCORE!

Sir Sam

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So I went down to a couple of junkyards today. Found a 88MJ with a pretty nice shell. But it was a shortbed! YARG!


Tailgate was dented, so it wasn't any better than mine, and the bumper was some kinda homemade pos. And no hitch, and no Dana 44. Strike out. Oh well, the search for a shell continues.


Also went to another junkyard and got the seats out of a 98 5.9(wheels were already gone unfortunatly), and then I got another set of really nice seats out of a 98 ZJ limited, planning on selling one set to cover the purchase price of the ones I will keep.


Got four heated leather seats for $84 total!

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by shell do you mean cap? come get mine :banana:


No by shell I mean shell, and by cap you mean shell.


Must be a regional thing.


Your just a little to far away methinks though. What does your shell look like anyways?

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it must be.


long bed and kinda faded red. probably would buff out. good shape, rear glass isn't perfect.


come and get it someone. cheap cheap cheap.


Too bad your so far away and I am without a way to transport it.

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I've seen people refer to regular caps (as opposed to all-out slide-ins) as "campers". :dunno:


At least for the people that call them "campers" they usually list them as "camper shells" so they still turn up in my searches.


Just goes to show you, you should include a few common keywords for what your item might be called to hit all your target buyers.

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