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New to the forums, and MJs as of earlier today. I saw it for sale on Craigslist for $1350. No rust, and runs strong. The previous owner was a college kid who got the truck from his parents, and now has something more people can ride in. Long story short its storming in the Reno/tahoe area right now so there was plenty of rain and snow to test drive the truck in, and after 10 min I was sold. I ended up paying him $1100.


here's a few (terrible) pictures of the truck as it is right now











The last two pictures show some of the first things i have to take care of. the clear coat is peeling on the entire truck, and the drivers side window crank was broken and screwed back on. There are cracks in the dash, and the clock doesnt work. i need to replace the bulbs in the drivers side lights, and lastly the engine is nasty. not in bad condition really, just dirty. very dirty.


After my drive home in the rain, and around town to show it off its been a fun truck to drive. the rims are nice, and i am putting new tires on them tommorow. The interior was kept very clean, and it came with a 2" lift. So while i do have some work laid out for me, I am pretty happy with the deal.

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Nice find :thumbsup:


It even has AC :D


But I don't remember a CD player as a OEM option :hmm:


Oh......and don't worry about the clear coat pealing.......it's very common for the Jeep's :roll:


The MAIN thing is.........It's Rust Free!!!! :yes:

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Hey, so my first full day of being an owner was spent driving in the rain. I went out for a few hours in the morning before the rain changed to snow with my friend and his Scout II. We stayed on the outskirts of Reno looking for something to to test the truck. found a decent mud puddle about 4 car lengths long with 6"-8" standing water and a nice steep muddy hill. Fun, yes. Practical for working on the truck, no. As of right now, I've insured it ;) , and had my buddy at Costco put some 31" AT tires on it :bowdown: . Pretty slow day really because of the snow, but the tires made a huge difference.



The truck is a 1990 Comanche 4x4 base model (pretty sure its base). I bought it with 143k miles. It has the inline 6, and came with a 2" lift.

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thanks for the warm welcoming :cheers:


(edit: my next step after changing fluids and the all the basics I'm going to spray in a bed liner. while i was doing it, hopefully they would cut me a deal on the nerf bars and variouse other parts on the truck. have any of you salty pros seen people, or had your fenders and stuff sprayed, any pics or price ranges would be cool)



here's some pictures with the new set of tires on them. they are BFGoodrich At T/A KO 31" tires. I put them on last night, then this morning me and a few friends pulled out the Sawzall and trimmed up the body around the wheel wells to keep them from rubbing. We only ended up having to take off a few inches, but that only because I wanted to keep any cuts hidden behind the fender flares. Anyway there are two pictures of the truck, and two close up of the trimming we had to do if anyone is interested.






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hey guys, thanks for the views. that window crank is a work of art isn't it?


Unfortunately, the night i bought the truck i locked it up before going to bed, when i came out in the morning i discovered why the previous owner never locked his door... its permanently locked shut. I took out all the screws I could get to with the door being closed, but have no way of actually getting the door panel off. (unless someone here knows a sneaky trick?)


I've got a friend who's a diesel mechanic, so hopefully i'll get over to his shop before this coming weekend and slim-jim it open, then finish unscrewing it and take a look inside. In the mean time I've opened up the hood and started taking things out and cleaning.


The battery was the biggest pain in the @$$ because the ends of the battery cables rusted/corroded/were hammered on to the battery and will not come off. So i had to leave the connectors on the battery, unscrew the cables, and removed everything together. luckily the guy at the jeep dealership gave me a new connector for free, so my truck has the new battery in, and is running well enough to scoot around town and buy parts.


Here are a few pics of the engine after i removed the battery and the grease covered air filter box. As you can see... dirty. Hopefully by this coming weekend ill have some new pics on this thread with a cleaner, smoother-running engine. Feel free to laugh and shake your head, as i'm sure many of you will remember your first comanche, and all the fun that came with figuring everything out.







My current question for the pros and forum trolls:

I've read the DIY on switching from a bench seat to a bucket seat. How complicated is this? It looks easy enough in the pictures, but for someone who is doing his auto work in the parking lot with a very minimalist collection of hand tools how feasible is the seat swap?

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