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good sorces for parts Now: swapping in a fulll cluster

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Are there any good sorces for Comanche parts, new parts. I don't mean the big, useless chains. At the IFSJA for example there is BJ'S Offroad, Z&M etc. For example, I'd like to find a temp. guage. The AutoZones etc. have no clue. While I'm on the subject, can you replace an "idiot light" with a real guage with no big modification?

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The engine temp and oil pressure switches need to be swapped for temp and pressure sensors. Try to get one from your era. 84-86. 87-90, and 91+. The 84-86 can be adapted to the 87-90 (and vis-versa) by reusing some speedo cable parts fro the old cluster.

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wats the shop run to do it ?

Don't know. Can't be much though. Call and ask around your area.

and how is it illegal in some states if you set it as your current milage?

Because unscrupulous individuals can roll back the odo and sell a 200k miles car as a 100k miles car. Essentially, the government doesn't trust regular people to do it properly. If a shop does it and you have the paperwork, your tail is covered.

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i can't find the sensors for the 2.5l at autozone the temp and oil ???? :fs1:

Did you ask for one with a gage or a light? I bought mine at Kragen (Checker same place). I look to see if I still have the box for them or a part number on them as well.

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if i did do a swap how would they know??? :???:


IIRC recording mileage at title transfer, and other times in a vehicle's life, is under a federal mandate.


Here's what Kalifornistan has to say:


Odometer Mileage Reporting


Odometer Mileage Readings

Legislation requires that the department collect and validate the odometer mileage reading for most motor vehicles upon initial registration and registered owner transfers in compliance with the Federal Truth in Mileage Act of 1986.


Reporting of the odometer mileage reading assists in the detection of odometer tampering. The collection of this information provides consumers with an accurate record of the mileage affecting the retail value of the vehicle.


When Do I Report Odometer Mileage Readings?

Odometer mileage readings are encouraged for all motor vehicles, but are mandatory when:


you initially register a motor vehicle or transfer ownership, and

the vehicle is less than 10 years old.


Are There Any Exceptions To This Requirement?

Yes. Reporting the odometer mileage reading is encouraged, but not mandatory if:


  • the vehicle is 10 years old or older,
    the vehicle is a commercial vehicle with unladen weight of more than 8,500 lbs (more than 16,000 lbs gross vehicle weight),
    the vehicle is sold directly by a manufacturer to any agency of the United States, or
    the vehicle is a new vehicle transferred prior to first retail sale by a dealer.


YMMV. :brows:

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When I swapped my dash to get gauges (about to do it again so I have the auto shifter marker hooked up) I undid the screws holding the speedo in (with pics as proof) and swapped it into the new one. Pretty easy to do. Beware that there are a couple different cluster plugs and if you get an '86, it won't work in an '87 (especially 4 cyl to 6 cyl)

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I looked in the FSM component locator, but it doesn't show it in an illustration...it only says that it's "on the right side of the block near the distributor".


On the 4.0L, it's actually screwed in the side of the oil filter adapter housing.

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