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scout diesel

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i just bought a 1980 scout with the Nissan 3.2l diesel. to swap over into my 88 comanche. i was wondering if there was anyone out there that had done the same or a similar swap.


Thats one bad @ss diesel engine! Several of my wheeling buddys have nissan patrols with the sd33turbo. Properly adjusted, 3"exhaust and bigger intercooler they almost outrun my 4.0L.....


I know for shure that there is an XJ running with that engine somewhere here in norway, but i have never seen any pictures of it. Be shure to post many pictures when you do the swap :popcorn:

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Would it be easier to just mount the MJ body and bed onto the scout chassis. i have almost 15 years exp working on scouts. owned probably over 30 of them. If you bought a scout II "traveltop" 100" wheelbase you can chop the chassis very easily and move the wheelbase to whatever you want. The terra and traveler has a cut frame with an extension in it already from the factory that stretched the wheelbase to 118". If you got one of these you can just cut the welds and shorten the frame to your dimensions...That allows you to keep the Dana 44's in place and really all your doing is trimming metal off the jeep unibody...probably adding some stiffeners, but it will be much less mechanical work then transferring the engine, transmission, transfer case, fuel tank and so on....You can probably even use most of the comanche wiring? Just a thought....Am I totally off base here with cutting the unibody anyone....never done it, just seems easier....Good Luck...The SD33T would be a factory 1980 model...so it could have a Dana 300 transfer case...but it probably has 2.72 gears or some odd high ratio like that due to the C.A.F.E. standards International harvester was trying to reach that year.... other earlier years had 3.54's typically.... sorry vomiting about scouts is a horrible trait....... Def. post pictures i would love to see it....

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Cutting a unibody to mount it on a frame is a huge wiggly can of worms. Cutting the unibody to mount something that doesn't fit in it is a mess. Getting something, that shouldn't fit, to fit without really cutting things is where the magic is.


What's the physical dimensions of this engine like? From the pics I'm guessing really close to a 4.oh?

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