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Project MJ

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Well it has been a long time coming in getting my MJ built in time for my Club M&G in Sept but I finally started to make progress:


Well I started on axles today. First order of the day was the front D30 swap. I got the front HP D30 from a guy local which allowed me to keep the axle in it to roll it around. It was geared to 3.55 and the new axle is geared to 4.88. Much thanks to John, Jason and Eli at Auburn Car Repair and Offroad in Auburn WA for taking care of the gear set up for me :thumbsup:


Old axle coming out:

New axle with 4.88s:


Due to the fact that I am running nearly 6" of lift, short arms just were not going to cut it! Ideally I may go to long arms some time in the future but my buddy Bobby hooked me up with a set of Rough Country drop brackets. These things are darn beefy and will give me the flex I need:

Brackets installed with RE LCAs courtesy of Chris (cmoore):

Notice how much droop is there now. When I was removing the axle it was the typical fight to get the springs in. After I was done I could easily pop in the springs with inches to spare :eek2: .

Mind you in the above picture the axle is still being supported by the jack. I'm going to need limiting straps!

All put back together now:

The tire sits about where it should stock in the wheel well and the control arms are almost parallel. Should yield good on road driving (though it will not see much).

Next project will hopefully be the rear axle. Just need to unbolt the U-bolts, lift it a little and scoot the axle out. Here is a preview of how colors will be on the axle once it goes under:

I will pull the D35, set pinion angle then tack in the new perches. After that I will roll out the 8.8 and burn on the new mounts. Then roll it back under and let her settle. Not too much work and I really miss welding :)

Blingtanium wheel spacers:


That's about it for today :thumbsup:

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Today started off by pulling the D35 out (I have it for sale at the outstanding price of FREE!!).

After that was out, I slid the 8.8 under the Jeep and started taking measurements to get it in the right place. I marked the tubes and loose fit it before getting the tires on. One thing I did notice is on my brackets they had little nubs. Out came the bench grinder and it made short work of them.

Then I put it back down and got it under its own weight to adjust pinion angle. I know traditional pinion is simple to set but when it is in an MJ it takes some thought. I started out with a simple angle finder and decided ti use my laser level to get it aimed up right.

After that I cut down the wheel studs to allow my spacers to seat correctly, Gave a full weld to the perches and used the baking paint technique to paint up the tubes.

Finally slid the 8.8 under, cranked down all 16.7 miles of u bolts and put the wheels back on. Now she sits on her new axles.


I also managed to go to 2 soccer games (kids) and see some friends when they stopped by, help a buddy find a part that his BiL broke out at Elbe Hills and answer a dozen phone calls.


List of things I still need to finish to get her running right:

-Power steering


-transfer case



Stuff to get it trail ready:

-rear locker

-front locker/ diff cover

-rock rails

-rear tow point


That is the MINIMUM I have and not much time (or money) to get it done....stay tuned :lurker

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Well my power steering pump showed up and I got the pulley ordered today :thumbsup: . However still waiting on a few key parts to make it all run. Hoping I will have it complete by the end of next week.


Since I didn't have any pats to install I started to make stuff. First I had to fabricate a little riser to get the passenger bucket seat in.

And since I had the seat out I started painting the inside. I am staying with all .mil style colors. Need to find some sand, camel or OD paint that will do vinyl.


Then I went to work on the rear light boxes:

Mocked up:

All burned in and mounted:

Anybody got a write up on how they get wired? Tomorrow I will do the other side, and do the rockers. Getting closer :cool:

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I'm not too worried about the outside markers. This will pretty much be a trail rig and not a DD but I may get to it at some point.


As far as the wheels go, they are MB wheels that I got from Discount tire for $70/wheel. Kind of hard to beat that price for an alloy.


Hopefully I will have the other taillight box done as well as the sliders done tomorrow. Off to pick up steel in the AM.

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As for converting to LED's...


When I did mine on my XJ this is what I had to do.


You need to buy a trailer wiring harness. I used THIS ONE since it was plug and play in my XJ. But whatever you do, you need to wire in a trailer wiring harness (with the box) into your factory wiring. You'll than wire your lights off of that box. This will convert the factory stop & turn lights into one stop/turn combo.


If you used LED's you will also need to convert your flasher to an electric one. The LED's don't draw enough amps to make the mechanical one work. I got mine at AutoZone in the self help section. I used part number EL12 (2 prong). Pull yours first as some years did use a 3 prong instead of the 2 prong one's. It's located under the dash by your feet on the drivers side.

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Made a little more head way today. Rocker guards got the slider bars mounted today and mocked into place:


Additionally my PS pump pulley showed up today so I will be getting that mounted on tomorrow along with buttoning up the Aussie in the 8.8 (thanks to John at Auburn Car Repair). Also got the steel cut out for the drivers side tail light box all cut and ready to get burned on tomorrow. If all goes well she might be moving under her own power by the weekend :thumbsup:

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Got the front end tightened down and the RE trackbar installed:


Pictures of the interior color. Don't know if it will be all the way done but it will be close:


Shifter console design (looks better in my head):

There will also be a plate portion the goes out over the t-case shifter.


Power steering is almost done:

I need to get a couple different clamps and some bolts/fluid. I didn't want to rush myself in the dark tonight.


I will have it hammered out and done by Tuesday evening. The list of what needs to be done to make it RUN (too lazy to type so I took a picture of the white board) :


Also a couple of the axle done in:

Tom Woods shaft and t-case:

It is VERY close :cool:

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you should try and get some full truck shots soon.

Trust me I want to. I just need to get it mechanically sound to get out of the garage on its own first. Hopefully that day will be tomorrow :D


James-need to get through with my build then we shall see.


Worked on the shifter console today:


Still need to finish the t-case plate:

CAD work:

Tomorrow will be the big day where I will hopefully get the rest of the stuff done. If not I will shave sometime out of work this week as well have the whole weekend. :brows:

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