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Torx Door bolts

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In the process of stripping the XJ that came from the pit of hell, I have found the two inner door bolts on the front door hinges will not come free. I have tried PB, Liquid wrench, hammer, cursing, skinned knuckles, more cursing :mad: and heat application. I have also tried to drive the hinge pins out but they are non-cooperative as well.


I did remove the front fenders first, and used the holes in the hinge bodies to attempt to loosen them with no success. I'm concerned if I screw with them much more I'll strip the heads.


Any ideas? I though about drilling but they look like hardened bolts. I am about to break out the torch and burn them off... :headpop:

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get a torx bit onto a ratchet and use a cheater bar to get some leverage on there, they will come loose, this method has NEVER failed me.

That method has failed me. I've rounded off a couple of Torx bits that way, and snapped one. Sears only provides a lifetime warranty on their Craftsman brand tools. I bought my bit set at Sears, but it's a Lisle brand.


"So sorry, Charlie."

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Use a dremel or what-ever to grind off the top of the door pins down to bare metal. That way the pin will standout so you can see what you have got to hit on. Take a real long punch of appropriate size, slightly smaller than the outside dia. of the pin (grind one down if necessary) & beat the hell outa the pins. They will come out. When the door is off you will have open acess to them onery tork bolts. Keep-um soaked with PB for awhile & they will come loose.

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Torx is one of those things that if I could go back in time and "take care" of the guy who invented it I would. EVERY tool, save one, I have broken was done during the removal of a torx bolt. I fuggin hate'm and refuse to put them back in once they come out.


UCA Axle bolts :headpop:

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