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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I was looking for some info on gauge clusters. The one in my mj is fine, but its the one with no tach and the dummy lights. I would like to switch it out for actual analogue gauges. I found a whole cluster on ebay and when I went to buy it, it had been sold. Now my question is there some sort of way to build your own gauge cluster in the original location or will it take too much work?
  2. Hey. I just did a cluster swap on my 88 4.0 from dummy lights to gauges. So far everything is working fine except the oil pressure gauge. With the truck off, the gauge is at 40. When I'm moving, the gauge just goes up from there. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to put the HO electronic speedometer in the Renix cluster, or put the other Renix gauges in a HO cluster, in order to make a hybrid cluster that will work with the Renix sending units (temperature and fuel level) but allow you to run an electronic speedo? Obviously you would need to at least add a few wires to the chassis side of the harness, plus if using the Renix cluster you would either need the HO circuit board for it or to add those wires to the cluster. I'm not sure if the pin location is similar on the plugs, or if you could adapt/splice to make it work. Is thi
  4. Hey guys. So ive tried to figure out why my back lights on my cluster won't turn on and I'm at a stand still. Ive check continuity between the wires from fuse box to cluster and took a test light to the fuse box, checled bulbs, checked the recepticles and even fuses and I'm at a total stop. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can drive my MJ at night lol. Btw all gauges, i.e. fuel gauge, speedometer, low fuel light, battery light oil pressure, turn signal lighys and high beam lights work. Its only the connectors for the back lights.
  5. Hey Everyone, I want to first thank everyone on answering some of the previous questions on my past post here. I got a cluster out of a 1994 XJ 6 cylinder. I wanted to swap it into my 1991 MJ 4 cylinder. I did search online about the swap and i saw that very early clusters can be dropped in as those use speedometer cables instead of a speed sensor in the transmission. I want to get rid of the idiot lights cluster. Can this 1994 be dropped in it? Or any mods to make the tach work are needed? I already sort out the sensors for it. Any inputs would be very welcome. Tha
  6. He guys, I'm looking to find a gauge cluster with working gauges and a tachometer to swap into my 88' MJ. The JYs around here suck so if anyone is around a pick'n'pull and can find an XJ or MJ with one that would be awesome. Please let me know. Thanks, Brett
  7. so this has been an issue since ive gotten the truck only the tach and spedo and mabey the battery light work? the fuel gauge bounces around the temp gauge sits in the blue the oil pressure gauge is stuck over to the right? but just today i was going into town and a friend passed me and he called me asking why i was driving so slow ( my spedo said i was going 65) when i get to about an indicated 68mph the little pointer thing starts jumping around. also is 4000rpm normal for a 86 2.5 4x4 in 5th gear going 55-60? one thing i do know is that my tires are not stock size...i have 235/75/15 now wic
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