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  1. Sounds like you're going about it the best way. Making sure the 5.3 is in prime condition for the swap. I'm in the middle of putting a 5.3 in a 1997 Nissan hardbody, then it'll get a SAS swap. Hopefully after that I'll move onto the Comanche.
  2. Updates? Just read the whole thread and wow was it a lot to take in. Definitely got some ideas for my comanche.
  3. Just started reading your build and you did some great work. I lifted mine and stuck the 8.8 under and rolled it outside the past two years and am now getting ready to start back up and you've given me a lot to think about doing. Props on tge build. Can't wait to see the 4.7. Might have to do with the 4.0 h.o I have.
  4. Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of tying all my loose ends up on my build and have no clue what to paint with. I cannot decide between spray paint or automotive paint. I can do both, that's not the issue, my issue lies where spray paint would be much simpler going on and to fix scratches and such. On the other hand automotive paint doesn't scratch as easy. I am lost anyone have any goes or woes on either?
  5. I see what you guys are saying, I'll install the axle and see how the brakes work and if the pedal feels good and she brakes good, I'll leave it be. If she decides not to cooperate then bye bye load sensing valve. I won't be hauling anything anyway. She's a daily driver and weekend warrior.
  6. I really appreciate all the responses guys. I am running 33's and that's my maximum tire size. So, if I remove the load sensing valve it might would brake better? :???:
  7. I know many people take the o-ring out of the prop valve, but would deleting the prop valve gain the same braking? I just got an exploder rear and springs with 3.73 and limited slip for 100$ and plan on stripping it and putting all new brackets on with 4.56 front and rear with al locker in the dana 30. I would like to delete the prop valve, but if it doesn't brake better i don't really see the need to, when i can take the o-ring out. Also, i plan on keeping the MJ MC and booster.
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