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    Yes, an EPA 608 certification to buy. Its a matter of taking a simple test and paying somewhere around $20. And it's good for life.
  2. budwisr


    I buy R-12 on eBay occasionally, usually goes for $20-25 for 14 oz can. Never had a problem having it shipped. R-134a on the other hand isn't worth the effort.
  3. Yeah, I plan on doing a few modifications just as I did with my Tamiya YJ. These RC bodies are never quite right, but a good base to start with.
  4. OK so it's plastic and only a body and just a 12" wheelbase. And made in China. Now I need to buy a RC chassis and find some time. But I need to get my full-size one done first.
  5. The vanity plate route can really add up money wise, I've had BUDWISR plates on my Jeep Wrangler since 87 and at an extra $100 a year I have $3000 in having the plate. At 30 years , I switched to antique plates and run my original BUDWISR plates as YOM plates. Now I pay $30 for 5 years, so that helps even things out a little. :)
  6. Another vote for SEM. Prep is key. It'll last the life of the part if done correctly. Occasionally the factory would use paint on the interior plastics when they needed a certain color that was out of stock.
  7. Not sure how creditable the article is, as they start out by saying the Humvee was associated with GM. Of course most everyone knows GM licensed the Hummer name from AM General but GM never built any military Humvees as stated.
  8. ROLs were the factory installed fog light starting in 85 or 86. The Marchals were a factory accessory. And yes the Marchals seem to be a little better quality.
  9. Good news! I was just thinking about them, wondering the status. Thanks.
  10. They were considered to be one of the fastest muscle cars from the era. There were a total of 1500 built and two different paint schemes. There always are quite a few that show up at the Kenosha Homecoming shows.
  11. I would also be interested in a set of roll bar brackets as long as they fit like the originals.
  12. AMC commissioned former Ferrari engineer Giotto Bizzarrini to engineer and build the AMX 3's in Italy. Bizzarrini is credited for being the father of the Ferrari 250 GTO.
  13. The Ford GT40 and the Comanche (Cherokee) were both engineered by Roy Lund. Unfortunately Mr. Lund passed away recently. He had quite a successful career. https://jalopnik.com/ford-gt-and-jeep-cherokee-engineering-legend-roy-lunn-d-1797912762 Dick Teague was another automotive great, but he was a designer, responsible for the Jeep styling.
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