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  1. From a seldom seen dealer calendar for 1987
  2. He said "Willy's".
  3. budwisr

    your other toys

    A similar scale AMX, sure!
  4. budwisr

    your other toys

    So what's it going to take to talk you out of this? :)
  5. budwisr

    your other toys

    Jeeps' little sisters, 70 and 80 AMXs. Oh and got a YJ too, bought new in 87 so she's been around awhile.
  6. budwisr


    I haven't found a beer can with a Comanche yet. Always on the look out thou.
  7. budwisr


    Its beer, so its good.
  8. budwisr


    I like cold beer. or warm
  9. By chance any Eagles, especially any SX/4s?
  10. budwisr


    Yes, an EPA 608 certification to buy. Its a matter of taking a simple test and paying somewhere around $20. And it's good for life.
  11. budwisr


    I buy R-12 on eBay occasionally, usually goes for $20-25 for 14 oz can. Never had a problem having it shipped. R-134a on the other hand isn't worth the effort.
  12. Yeah, I plan on doing a few modifications just as I did with my Tamiya YJ. These RC bodies are never quite right, but a good base to start with.
  13. OK so it's plastic and only a body and just a 12" wheelbase. And made in China. Now I need to buy a RC chassis and find some time. But I need to get my full-size one done first.
  14. The vanity plate route can really add up money wise, I've had BUDWISR plates on my Jeep Wrangler since 87 and at an extra $100 a year I have $3000 in having the plate. At 30 years , I switched to antique plates and run my original BUDWISR plates as YOM plates. Now I pay $30 for 5 years, so that helps even things out a little. :)
  15. Another vote for SEM. Prep is key. It'll last the life of the part if done correctly. Occasionally the factory would use paint on the interior plastics when they needed a certain color that was out of stock.
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