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  1. That's where I bought mine was ebay.. I can't even remember what exact term I searched, I was looking for nice new glass headlights.. but this was 2013 or 14? It was like $500.. came with headlights, header panel, and grill insert.. had to modify front fenders around the headlights.. it does require some cutting of inner metals though.. next time I'm at my parents I'll try and take some pictures of it for you if you'd like
  2. Fierokid87

    Cummins B3.3 Powered Mj Build!

    I think my dad just reused the 2doors when he did the strikers on mine but I can't remember.. jeeps been sitting since I got married 4 years ago.. I'll have to take a peak inside there and see how he did it..
  3. Fierokid87

    Cummins B3.3 Powered Mj Build!

    IF you can find a 2door, they have extra bracing behind the striker area.. I pulled the striker area sheet metal off a 2 door for mine and found it.. maybe try that or something similar? It goes at like a 45* angle back towards the rear wheels on an xj.. I'm sure something similar with some heavy guage metal would prevent that striker from moving at all..
  4. Fierokid87

    Np242 shift fork removal

    About 1:40 you can see the sweet spot for prying it out.. that's how I did my dad's ZJ 242 swap/rebuild a few weeks ago.. i used a few of these guys videos and then this write up - https://kevinsoffroad.com/blogs/kevinsoffroad-com-death-wobble-experts-upgraded-factory-parts-20-years-of-experience-info-and-knowledge/249-to-242-swap-by-wes-solitude and it got me through just fine.
  5. 1986 Jeep Comanche http://www.ksl.com/auto/listing/4469903 Not sure how much is salvageable on it.. if I had the space/time/money I'd grab it to part out..
  6. Fierokid87

    Mj won't Start

    I'm guessing then It's fuel pressure, either the pump can't supply enough any more, or there's a clog in the lines somewhere..
  7. Fierokid87

    Mj won't Start

    Is it getting correct fuel pressure? And is it getting spark? I'd Make sure it's getting spark first sense is easy. Then check fuel pressure. Maybe use some either (starter fluid) if it kicks over on that, it's still fuel.
  8. Fierokid87

    Fierokids Comanche

    Well, it's still being worked on, just been busy with getting married and buying a house. Front axle is ready to go under, just have to do doors, weld my cross member, and plumb brakes. It still feels so far.
  9. Fierokid87

    Fender flares?

    Get Bushwackers for the Chevy pickup then? They make some that just go out, not cut up the rest of the Fender I believe. I'm looking into doing the Notch customs flares for my truck. Same as Iceland off road, notch customs got their molds when they went under.
  10. Fierokid87

    Fender flares?

    Get Bushwackers for the Chevy pickup then? They make some that just go out, not cut up the rest of the Fender I believe. I'm looking into doing the Notch customs flares for my truck. Same as Iceland off road, notch customs got their molds when they went under.
  11. Fierokid87

    Wheel Stud ?

    If you're running steel wheels them you won't need the longer studs, but for the others you can get longer studs firm the auto store from a grand Cherokee ZJ if I remember correctly. P/N 610-234 by Dorman.1/2"-20 X1-5/8" is the size.
  12. Fierokid87

    Fierokids Comanche

    Thanks, it's getting there. I got my lighting wired up, new rear harness made, grabbed both ends of the rear harness plug to make a trailer harness. Got hinges rebuilt and ready to weld in. Have a 8.25 to swap disc's on. Need to figure out wiring the doors up. Getting close. But still so far.. I have till August to get it all done.
  13. Fierokid87

    Fierokids Comanche

    Found 3 different comanches in a Junkyard, 2 LWB, 1 short.. thinking I'll turn the short into a trailer.. probably gonna grab some manche specific stuff along with my tail light harness..
  14. Fierokid87

    Fierokids Comanche

    Picked up an 8.25 and zj rear brakes yesterday for 120. And also got all my hinges.
  15. Fierokid87

    Fierokids Comanche

    So its been a few days.. ooops. But I got a few more things done on her the past little while, My dad got the passenger side door jamb cleaned up, and welded in the new striker area, and got it almost ready for paint, I got my passenger fender modified and painted, I got my new windshield installed, my 3link axle bracket welded on and painted, Popped a few dents out of the bed, started to get the HID bulbs wired, but i had to cut more of the front of the truck since the bulbs are so long. And i got the new trans crossmember bolted in place, just waiting to weld that in. Pics Its starting to look good, I'm getting excited. And I'm loving that white paint, even with all my finger prints on it. My Crossmember that bolts to the L.A. mounts which bolt and weld to the body. my upper 3link mount for the axle, and my massive and heavy arms You can see the body mounts better in this one.. This is what we started with, previous owner added extra seals, that didnt work. just made a mess. All around the door, Both doors. its double sided foam tape, and then Expanding foam in places.. We drilled out the welds for the old striker backing plate, and got that out of the way. here's the "new" striker, cut from a 98 2door that turned out to be way different than we thought, thought itd be closer than a 4 door because itd have less metal to work with. Got the "new" metal cut down, and starting to cut the old out, making sure to cut as little as possible. getting closer The welds cleaned up for the most part. After a little body filler and lots of sanding, this parts ready for paint, just gotta clean the rest of the crap off. And here's the dent i got to look a little better, put some primer on to prevent rust. had to do something to make a tail light fit, before he had to trailer lights bolted into it, and he butchered the harness. so i gotta make another one of those. I'm hoping to get this together quick, my timeline just got.. expedited. My girlfriend and I are now Engaged, and are getting married in August. So i have a lot to do for that, were looking for a place to rent, and I'm leaning towards a little house or something my toys can come with, but its looking like an apartment. I'm waiting on the L.A. brackets to get welded, and then i should be able to start throwing the axle underneath, and when I do my Fiances little brother will come and help, he wants to learn. I think ill also make him do my intake/exhaust gasket. Things I still NEED to do: Weld L.A. brackets Install front axle, after putting all new joints in. - Brayden will help with that. do rear S.O.A. got rear disks to install also Intake/Exhaust gasket All new Fluids Wire up the drivers side tail light, Wire the front end and wire for my power doors Find and weld in new door hinges Something for a front bumper. will probably just put a piece of tube to pass safety for now Things i still WANT to do but probably won't: Build my front and rear bumpers, with hidden winches Re-do the Engine compartment to make room for my dual yellow tops Roof rack with off-road lights Snorkel, may be needed for dual batteries. Roll cage-Exo cage.. kinda.