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  1. Still have your bed liner?

  2. nick6053

    factory bedliner longbed NC $75.00

    OH and i will trade also, need some wheels, front or rear bumper. Cut out fender flares.... let me know!
  3. nick6053

    factory bedliner longbed NC $75.00

    Hey Yall! I just removed a dropin bedliner from my 87 longbed. says COMANCHE on the back wall (thats why I think its a factory piece) i have the tailgate piece also. We are gonna rhino line the truck. I can text pics.. I don't want to throw this away, come get it! 75.00 OBO
  4. nick6053


    This is really cool. With a camper shell u would have a heck of a trail rig. Keep up the good work
  5. Hey all put the doors off a 98 on the metric ... so I have a set of old ones. Some surface rust, email me for pictues. 75 for pair... or make offer.
  6. nick6053

    North Carolina

    Smithfield here, did yall meet up already?
  7. nick6053

    Roll Call!

    Nick hodges 1987 metric ton smithfield, NC
  8. Nice work! I really enjoyed reading your build, I like the bedsides, my truck is a Michigan truck and has the wheel well cancer, I think I may " fix" it this way... lots of cool ideas, thanks for taking the time to document it all. nick
  9. nick6053

    Green Monster

    Very nice build. I like the the sliders... I may steal this idea, I was going to sell mine but have since decided to keep it and fix it up, thanks for the motivation. Nick
  10. nick6053

    Wanting To Sell, 87 Mj Metric Ton. Nc

    I'm not trying to get rich, I know it needs some tlc... but it does drive good ac blows cold. I drove it a thousand miles from northern michigan to nc, no problems. I need a car that gets good mileage, I hope someone that knows what these trucks are gets it. This truck is pretty cool, it also has air bag helpers on the rear. I was hopeing to do a 90s conversion with doors,, blah blah you know the drill. Thanks for looking guys, next week it will go on craigslist, where I will get a whole bunch of $ 700 offers because no one knows about these... I hate that, I do belive this is a fair price.
  11. 1400, some rust 30 in mud terrains. Bench seat, auto trans. 113kmiles. No major issues, all minor stuff.. heat and ac work well. Email me for pics, nicholas.hodges@ymail.com, located in smithfield, NC
  12. nick6053

    The Build Of Odie

    Nice looking jeep, I can't wait to get going on mine. Good luck.
  13. nick6053

    Thought Maybe I Should Say Hi.

    I'm trying to post one
  14. nick6053

    Thought Maybe I Should Say Hi.

    Airbags in the rear coils! Filler is in the rear bumper... stock?
  15. nick6053

    Thought Maybe I Should Say Hi.

    Hey all, new mj owner here! I have a 87 metric ton, not sure if thats the trim level or what but dang, leaves coils and airbags!!! I read it has d44 but I havent confirmed... any one know anything about it. I will try to post a pic but no promises... been trollin for about a month and all I can say is I like what I see, seems like a nice group.. lookin forward to getting to know y'all Nick