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I got my internship!!!


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I'm stoked!!! woot woot !!! I locked down a summer inernship at a place called Reeves Brothers <<>>

My duties will include scanning mechanical drawings and rendering them into digital .dwg CAD files,

Writing PM schedules and method's of processes,

Some Auto CAD,

Special projects, and

Learning as much as I can stuff into my noggin!!!


I'm glad it came at a time when school was about to burn my head.. I've been getting it 16 hours a semester for the last two years. 11 hrs. in the summers..


The HR guy said he would negotiate a price after I pass the drug test on Monday.. so you guys wish me luck,, and give me some advice on how to get the most money from the situation. :brows:

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JT, congrats man!


Off the top of my head, a quick way to know what ballpark you should be in on $$, call on a couple of technical recruiting firms in the area and see if they can tell you what the avg intern pay is, or entry level pay for full-time positions for the job you will be doing and preferably the high and low end of the pay scale. then you gotta think of how your gonna sell yourself and why they should pay you top dollar. what makes you more valuable to them than any other intern? what can you do that the avg intern can't? what intangibles do you have? i.e. do you have any other characteristics that you can give specific examples of that make you stand out from your peers? questions like that are what you need to ask yourself, because if you ask for top $, THEY'RE gonna ask you those questions. your resume got you the gig, now you gotta put your sales hat on to get the jack......Jack!

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Congrats on getting the job.


I can't advise on salary negotiations. It's been a LONG time since I was in school looking for a summer job. My recollection is that I was so happy to have a job I took what was offered. For a couple of months, it doesn't make a lot of difference anyway. Just be sure you don't try too hard and negotiate your way out of a job.

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