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AX-15 Mount Prices

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8 hours ago, Pete M said:

does the aftermarket have a new piece of kit for sale?


I modeled one, but I really don't feel the demand is there to justify producing. Just need to model the cushion holder and add the hardware.


I'll be keeping an eye out on these listings though




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I bought a bent one on Fleabay for $40 and had a local fab shop straighten/ brace weld it for me for $20. It was hell finding one in any condition for less than the crazy prices mentioned above.

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It was impossible for me to find the right BA10/5 mount for my first truck. Ended up keeping the wrong AX15 mount that Napa sold me and made it work. Paid like $15 for the mount. Was easy enough. Also had to do the same thing with another truck. 
Get yourself one of these and drag out the welder. 45FED721-5151-4BD6-BC8C-5F9A435CD189.png.fba3cdde08d7aecd2aa38ae09b553670.png

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