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Help me identify this. What is it?

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Hey guys so I decided to pull the lever on my seat so the backrest flips forward so I could deep clean it. Well to my suprise I found some things I didn't think I'd find. I need help identifying the silver part. I didn't even know I had the OEM jackstand for this let alone the instructions on the wall and still bonded with a strap. Any help will be much much appreciated. I have no idea what these silver parts are




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Oh wow really? I dis some searches and couldn't find anything as to what it so I asked here. They were laying behind my seat in front of my jackstand. Had this truck for almost 3 years and never even attempted to pull the seat back until I discovered the small tiny black lever right at the driver's side and passenger side door right in between the seat cushion and backrest

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1 minute ago, Classy Comanche said:

Yeah I saw the clip on the wall but didn't really pay to much attention to it as I was cleaning and scratching my head on what those tailgate straps were. I wonder why that little clip is missing on other trucks?

It's not retained by anything and is super easy to knock off by accident without ever knowing you did it.

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12 hours ago, Minuit said:

@schardeinyou might know - I see clips inside the doors of ~1994-1996 XJs that look tantalizingly close to the jack handle clip for our trucks. Any idea if they're the same?

I guess I haven't seen those clips.  Where are they inside the door?  That would be a cool find.  I did look at the parts manual, the only match is they are apparently used on the wiring harness of some full size Jeep Grand Wagoneers.  # 34202362.


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