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I’ve been into repurposed medium artwork for a while now. For the past five months I’ve been selling at a local art gallery.








Smaller pieces are just dust collectors that sell well but the larger ones are all interpretations of local birds to my area in Colorado. Had a few requests from out of state from people visiting. Kinda neat to have art pieces all over the country. 

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10 hours ago, FrankTheDog said:

I envy your talent and your vision to turn flatware into such beautiful art. How much does a bird like the first one go for if you don’t mind me asking?

I might want a Cardinal made if you could do that.

I sell the big red-tailed hawks at $160. Stellar’s jay, magpies, and I’ve got a broad-tailed hummingbird that all sell at $80. Smaller no-name desk birds go for $25-40. 

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