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January 2023-A Commuter Comanche

89 MJ

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Build Thread-




1991 Pioneer 132,000ish miles. Goes up daily! 


Drivetrain- 4.0 High output, Column Shift AW4, Dana 35 rear geared to 3:55, front straight axle. 


Cooling- Napa Radiator and hoses with FlowKooler 1747 high flow water pump, factory aux Electric fan 


Electrical/ Ignition- Ignition is stock with Napa Cap, Rotor, Wires and Champion plugs. 

I have gone through and completed all applicable to 1991 Cruiser54 modifications and ground updates. What a difference that made! 
While doing Cruiser54 upgrades, I replaced all stock main power and ground cables with 1/0 cable. 
Stole an under hood light off an XJ at the junkyard, sure is handy. Even had the empty factory plug hanging out of my harness. 

Suspension/steering- WJ Lower control arm  swap, stock otherwise. Big plans do await however. 

Interior- Light gray interior, bench seat, Column shift, Carpeted, no head liner at the moment. Do have a brand new SMS headliner waiting to be installed. I will install new carpet and have seat reupholstered with headliner install. Once the weather gets better. 

Brakes- Stock, for now.
Disc front, drum rear


Lighting- HWSTAR LED headlights, with HELLA relay harness. I just picked some random LEDs off Amazon and they are actually amazing lights and would highly suggest them. They are just as bright as my Dads whatever brand $300+ Wrangler lights.  Plan on putting them in my other MJs. 


Exterior- Basically stock, Black paint, patinaed nicely lol. 
Standard Chrysler clear coat peel and paint fade. All the side moldings except the driver door have parted ways with the truck.
Pioneer “Zig Zag”? Graphics. not sure what they’re called. 

Wheel/Tires- Wheels are factory TJ take offs. Wrapped on some cheap rubber that have actually out performed my expectations.  SURETRAC Wide Climbers

235/75/15. If you need some decent tires that won’t break the bank, they have worked well in Snow, ice, muddy job sites, gravel roads and are quiet and stable down the highway. Didn’t want to spend money on decent 15” tires. Planning on going to 16” 

Misc- I traded this non running, ugly, dented up truck for a beautiful, clean, running, high option, 4.0, 5 speed, 1990 XJ that I paid $200 for. One of the Best decisions of my life. Haven’t missed that XJ once. 

Best MJ story- Not really a story, but why I love the MJ.
I started driving my first MJ the “mangler” when I was 18 years old. With a very heavy right foot and built D44s I Drove that truck up and through things people told me I could never make it. Beat that poor truck to death. RIP Mangler. I have no idea what attracted me to the MJ. My Dad has a TJ, my best friend has a YJ, guess I had to be different, and I’ve always been a truck guy. Once I got the “Mangler” running, I couldn’t believe the response I got from driving it. Seems like everybody has an uncle that used to have an MJ back in the day and just the presence of an MJ brings back sweet childhood memories for many people. Even to this day, almost 20 years later, daily driving CommuteChe I get all kinds of compliments, thumbs ups, memories shared and people interested in the Jeep. It’s just an awesome truck to drive with an even better fan base. And I always love to hear 

“l didn’t know Jeep made a truck”. 

CC is awesome, why?
Couldn’t be a better group of people out there then the members here. Such a great source of information. It’s incredible. To have access to such great Jeep minds and countless years of experience just waiting and willing to share what they know about this truck. Love the CC. 


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