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Plastic film inside doors; what is it called?

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Right now ole Jeepys interior is ripped apart as I am preparing to install a rubber "carpet" new interior door skins and door speakers.

I would like to replace the plastic seal/skin/film thingy while I am at it to help control road noise and seal it all up just a little bit more.

So where do I get that stuff? or What is it called Google has failed me so I am turning to the knowledge pool called Comanche club!

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2 hours ago, Limeyjeeper said:

I used regular 3 or 4mm clear plastic. All you are trying to do is keep any water off the door cards as the backing material absorbs moisture. Use the original ones as templates. 

roger roger



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The term they used to use was "watershield paper" back when those types of things were made from some sort of wax coated butcher paper, around 1000 years ago when I started working on cars.   Eagle is probably quoting Jeep's official term for it.


When I have ones that tear, etc., I make a new one out of 3-4 mil think polyethylene sheet, and cut it to shape with scissors.


The BEST way to attach it to the door is using the method that the factory did, which is a butyl tape.   You can get the stuff on Amazon:




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On 1/6/2023 at 3:36 PM, ghetdjc320 said:

You can use POR15 on the back of the door card itself. Work wonderfully as it gets absorbed into the board and really seals it up. Instead of plastic, you can also use 1/8” dynaliner o minicel foam. 

I was hoping to use heavy mill plastic, and dual sided Velcro tape on bottom and sides of the plastic. Basically a reusable flap making any future changes or repairs quick down the road. I like your POR idea though as back up short term if the Velcro provides too much a profile against the door card backer. I imagine that thin plastic does block a fair amount of draft and moisture. Especially if the door shell drain slots are in full order. The newer xjs had a recessed foam I'm guessing to help protect the speaker. The foam backers from the later xjs are nice replacements too. I'm not sure what year they switched to the black foam. Team Cherokee sold them for a bit but only have the rear now I think. They seem pretty easy to save if your patient without a heat gun and any distortion. A simple sharp putty knife or razor makes quick work of them.

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