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any random tips for changing the injector orings?

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If one stays in the fuel rail, a straight pick will get it out real easily.  Make sure you have 6 o-rings accounted for before installing new ones.  Otherwise, it's an easy job, I did my injectors one at a time when I upgraded to 4 holes.  Just popped the rail back and did them on top of the manifold, expect to cover everything in fuel.  Give it a minute to evaporate before restarting, check for leaks prior to and just after starting.

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I use Vaseline on the o rings. You should have 12 to start. If you have ones that are brown, those go to the manifold. I'd install them on the rail first. Then push them all as a unit. I think I had some issues the injectors in the manifold, to get the tops aligned in the fuel rail. 

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