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1 hour ago, 500 MJ said:

I see someone is attempting to take over CC again with all posts showing on the front page... I wish I had that much free time, LOL

Free time? Time is free for anyone. Just a matter of how you utilize it. I'm just trying to get my post count up to make me more legitimate. :D

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Reasons why I like my jeep

1. Big tires

2. Winch

3. Simple enough 😌 

5. I'll give you five reasons why boy

4. 4 banger is for chumps that can't find a nut

6. Being the number of cylinders I'm able to work on. 

7. Shines like heaven. [My 👀 that is]

8. Cause I built 💪 it over 12 years of love sweat and blood and tears and women and kids and dead animals and many things but its the one thing that can balance me out while I sit in it and make vroom vroom sounds. 

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