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What size tires would compliment a fresh 3 inch lift from stock?

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Hi, I'm very fresh to the scene, and wanted to know if I did a 3 inch lift (suspension lift) on the Comanche, what size tires and wheels would compliment and push that off road look farther? I may not completely understand everything, so please be understanding. 


1988 Base Model


Runs the 6 cyl. 4L.

and has no current modifications. completely stock.

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There's a small chance that 31s might rub a bit on the lower control arms at full turn (deoends on the wheel you run and the tires you buy since tire measurement aren't exact).  It's nothing super bad and can be fixed by simply only turning 95% of the way or by swapping in WJ lower arms which have a bend in them for tire clearance.  :L: 

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One thing to consider about finding tires that fit:  How are you going to use the Jeep?


If you stick to on-road driving and never go off road, you can consider slightly bigger tires.  32's with a 3" lift can fit.


If you plan on going off road and plan on disconnecting your front swaybar, you want a little smaller on the tire.  The reason being that when you disconnect the swaybar and go off road, the axle can move a lot.  And a tire that never rubs on the road may rub once you're really flexing the suspension.  31's will generally fit with a 3" suspension and only slight rubbing maybe, depending on the wheel the tire is mounted to (backspacing/offset matters).  32's will fit but will probably rub in a few places when you flex.  You can leave the swaybar connected and/or you can add longer bumpstops to keep from rubbing 32's. 


You can also trim sheet metal to make room for bigger tires.  But I would only consider this solution on a Jeep that's already beat up.

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Personally I feel like 31’s or take off JK/JL 32’s work well. I’d recommend not going any wider than 10.5” though as you will see control arm rub as was mentioned before. 31’s normally are ok for stock gearing and stock steering can handle them long term imho. 

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