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  1. So after a long debate with my dad, I'll be able to order parts soon for the truck.

    Here's a list of parts required:

    Fuel Tank



    New suspension and lift

    And of course tons of miscellaneous smaller parts that are cheap.

    Thanks for helping me out with the whole suspension and lift debate, y'all really help me out! I can't wait to show when it's done. (Which should be mid-Summer.)

  2. First off, nice Truck my guy! It probably would be wiser to spread out the costs as well here with my situation.
  3. My last post made it seem that I was possibly getting a 3 inch lift kit, which I was; however, after further discussion with my dad (Who originally owned for quite a long time) spoke up saying we should hold off any lift kit if we're going to convert it to 4WD. Would it be worth it? Or will the conversion process render me needing a new lift kit. It sounds dumb, but I'm trying to consider as much money saving as possible.
  4. I live in Kentucky, so I do have a lot more for the offroading capabilities in the future; however, for now it shall remain more of a daily driver until I have the necessary funding. Thanks for the advice dude, I honestly appreciate it!
  5. Dude, this helps lot. I'm new to owning a vehicle in general so I hope to pick much more than just Comanche advice too.
  6. Thanks, I'll indefinitely have to check it out. I'm so unsure about the sizes of things what will fit. Makes me very nervous to jump into even looking at anything just.
  7. Hi, I'm very fresh to the scene, and wanted to know if I did a 3 inch lift (suspension lift) on the Comanche, what size tires and wheels would compliment and push that off road look farther? I may not completely understand everything, so please be understanding. Notes: 1988 Base Model RWD Runs the 6 cyl. 4L. and has no current modifications. completely stock.
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