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My Comanche 88 shutter and shakes in 1st gear

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Hi Everyone I need a little help w/ my Comanche 88 4.0 suddenly started to shake in 1st gear or in reverse? I am not a mechanic but I really want to bring this baby to life I been researching but I am a kind of lost. Thank you in advance for any info that may help. 
manual transmission 




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13 hours ago, Kike said:

Yes no problems in 2d only 1st and reverse



If you put it in first and drive completely across something like an empty Walmart parking lot, does it shudder and shake the whole way, or only when you are first starting up?

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8 hours ago, Eagle said:




Hot-spotted clutch.


The input shaft aligning with the pilot bearing in the crank is what keeps the clutch centric to the pressure plate does it not? If that bearing is destroyed/missing it would allow the clutch to rotate off center and"wobble/shake" on takeoff as force is applied.


I had the same problem verbatim. Swapped engines without installing a PB. Truck shook like an earthquake on takeoff unless you released the clutch suuuuuuuuper easy. Dropped the trans, installed a PB and all problems went away.

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Mine did the same thing. I replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, pilot bearing, and flywheel. When I bought the truck the guy said his son didn't like driving a stick. What I think he meant was his son didn't know how to drive a clutch. The clutch was burnt so bad it looked like glass and the flywheel wasn't too much better. No more jerking after that.

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I kept the fly wheel when I did my clutch because it looked fine, but every once in a while it’ll do the shudder thing, but I usually can drive out of the shudder. Now that I’m thinking about it I’m not really sure how I get it to stop shuddering it’s just a muscle memory type thing. I know my clutch still has tons of life left so I just live with it. 95% of the time it doesn’t do it and the 5% of the time it does it is usually reverse so maybe when I have free time and spending money I’ll replace the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, but till then I’ll just keep rocking it.

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