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1986 cherokee 2.5 FS $1500 OBO


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So it looks like this will be the next thing I work on.


its a 1986 2.5 4 cyl 4 door cherokee. from texas. it's 4wd, 5 speed, 4.10 gears.


The engine has a bad main bearing, but a brand new head, so the 2.5 MJ I have to part out will be the donor for the motor...the guy was gonna buy the motor from me but i'm getting the truck in trade for another xj I'm getting instead.


the cherokee has all power windows/locks, a/c, cruise, tilt column, vent wing windows, sunroof, skid plate package, tow package. and best of all, it's rust free from texas (has about 4 small rust bubbles and none of them are by the rear flares).


so that's probably gonna be my DD and won't get anything special done to it...maybe a mild 2" lift and a swingout tire carrier, and definitely Canyon rims, but that's about it.




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well I picked it up, but it looks as if I will be fixing it for the guy???


we worked it out so that the trade would benefit both of us, and if for some reason the trade fell through, we'd still get it fixed up and stuff.

aaaand the trade will fall through because my buddy, who is leaving for the marines in 9 hours, drove his xj 2.5 hours away with a bad tranny cooler line. yeah, not a good idea. tranny blew 1 hour and 20 minutes away, and I can't go help him out as much as I wish I could.


such is life, but hopefully his roommate is getting his cousin's car hauler to drive down there and nab it back...otherwise the truck will prolly be impounded then junked or w/e :(.


on a brite note, after hooking up the 2.5 xj to power from the 3800, I find that all windows work, locks work, lights work, and not sure about gauges (no sending unites + no engine means no gauges...).


I'll get it fixed in the next few weeks.

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hohohoholy cow....


this isn't where I parked my car...







this is what the t-case on the jeep I'm trading looks like.









ideas on what caused that?


I think he was in 4wd at highway speeds, but I also think that it lost fluid too for some reason or another.


also here's more pics of the 86.





rims that will be on it






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That oughta look nice....still not sure what I'm doing for my 4.6 when it gets built, but my converted Ax-4-5 will be Green with a black midplate


P.S..weren't you going to bed? lol

I caught him before he could get to bed. Started talking with him, and because of it, he thought of the motor colors. On another note, them turbines will be powdercoated black with silver spokes this winter. And yep, it will look nice when it's all done with.

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mmm canyons and chrome grille...



what's that? no articulation? yea...gonna have to work on that..



I didn't get around to the engine yank...tranny blew on the mj so i had to fix that.


so basically, I want it done this weekend. friday night I am gonna pull the motor from the mj, clean it a little bit, install the new clutch and pressure plate, then drop it right into the xj on saturday.


from there it will get a oil change, valve cover gasket, and normal clutch-type mechanical fan, with a 3 row HD rad. also have to hook up the p/s pump with new p/s lines, and a new steering box may be needed...


all in all, I figure about an 8-10 hour project to get this sucker running and driving. and then it's just a matter of replacing the window motors on the driver's side, some cleanup, reinstall front bumper and put on chrome mirrors. also it will need the windshield out of the mj, but that's last on the list since it will survive a couple weeks of driving with it that way.

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If you decide to change the interior color, PM me. I need some small red parts.


what parts? I scrapped an 87 4 cyl mj as the donor for my 86, and it had red interior.


I won't be changing it out in the cherokee, it's too nice for me to even bother.

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I got the engine outta the MJ today, and got it basically prepped to go into the xj. it'll probably be in and bolted up by the time you get there..unless ya wanna come earlier and help out (no practice so I'm stayin home and gittin up early).


things I need to do are:


1. clean the motor up a bit

2. install new clutch and decide what I think of flywheel (have 2 to choose from :D)

3. install full gauge sending units

4. remove idler pully and install power steering bracket in it's place

5. swap over some vac. hoses etc.

6. remove valve cover (it's cracked around the bolts and leaks) and install the one from the other motor, along with new gasket

7. clean bellhousing, grease input shaft, pilot, and throwout slider thingy-hoodgy

8. put the motor and starter in and bolt her down

9. re-hook all of the connectors and hoses

10. install "new" 3-core radiator and new coolant lines

11. fill all fluids

12. start her up.


realistically, that's only about 3 hours of work from a to b, so then after she's running and driving I gotta swap the window motors on the driver's side doors for good ones, clean the interior a bit (and clean the parts outta her) then all it will need is a nice wash, and the pioneer CD player installed. it also needs a new windshield soon, but that's not the worst thing in the world.



and I will be boxing up and gettin ready to ship all of the things that you gents had wanted from me too.

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engine is now in, she runs, and drives.


there's a vacuum leak, so it does idle somewhat choppy...it's from the vacuum hose that goes to the cruise control, I just have to find it...


I had to put the a/c components on, because the alternater hookups were different and doing cross-wiring today didn't seem like fun. kinda sucked to switch cause of a froze bolt, and it was a basket case system that I had to go through and figure out what goes where. I also didn't want to buy a new serpentine, since the one on the non-a/c system was brand new by the PO and they're $32 each.


anywho, that took awhile to figure out...there's no idler pully on the a/c equipped ones, and that seemed wierd to me.


I just now realized that I didn't hook up the charging lead from the battery to the alternator, so it's not charging...gonna have to do that in the AM.


have to swap in the correct temp. sending unit, oil works fine. basically just little things, clean her up, and new windshield then she's ready to go.

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everything on the truck works too, except for the driver's rear door lock solenoid, the fog lights, rear interior light, and the most important part....the clutch :(


it feels like I've got pedal, but when watching the reservoir (cap open), the fluid level doesn't change. the pedal doesn't come all the way up either...just like halfway. anyone have any ideas on this? I'm (sheepishly) thinking that I didn't get the throwout plate set correctly after we had to pull the motor back to remove one of the alignment things on the block, and the slave might not be completely on it?












it actually sits pretty level now too :D


and crazy mad props to correy and wade for their help, it was a good thing they were there :D

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Now we just need to make it grow a few inches. We can work out something to get it done.


I have my raised flares and inner liners if you are interested. You saw them on my tan XJ, they were raised to the body line and have the gap filled.


I bought some new ones today because I'm raising the MJ's flares about 2 1/2" past the bodyline now.


We should build you some bumpers for it too.


You should stop by when you get a chance since I want to know what parts you need before I start selling them to other people.

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10-4 on that Tim, how about friday night? or saturday sometime in the afternoon?


I'm registering the cherokee on friday and insuring it too, so once I bleed the clutch properly it should work.


Friday after 6pm or Saturday after 4pm would work for me. Just give me a call before you stop by.

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