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looking to buy a tps. checked parts warehouse & auto parts warehouse, but they don't have one for a manual transmission with a 6 cylinder motor. any ideas for where to buy one on the cheep? :popcorn:


What year? (Renix or HO)


If it's a 90 or older then a new one is abouit $90

http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductDeta ... 80&PTSet=A

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be careful buying from autozone for electronics. the one in my 87 xj went out while 2 states away on the highway a couple hours from my destination at night. after driving no more than 50mph at any point the rest of the way (wouldn't shift into OD), i got one from autozone and replaced it. 2 weeks later, it went bad at home. after getting it exchanged, the second one died within a couple weeks. this was from a differant store and differant distribution center.


but then, the third TPS i got from them lasted a couple years until i sold the jeep about a month ago, and still works fine as far as i know :dunno:


then there's the defective fuel pump from autozone my friend bought that's still in his jimmy after several weeks because i don't have the time to pull it and replace it again...


but then there's my other friend's pcm from his grand cherokee that's fine so far, after a few months and a lot of driving.


sorry, that got a little :offtopic:

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