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is this lift good

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ok, i will be getting my mj soon and the crappy 3in setup has to go, i do not want to get some crappy lift that is dangerous and rides terrible. so i have been looking around and figure i will have to spend a good bit of cash to do this right. then i saw this lift, seems verry complete and uses Old Man Emu springs, is the hard ware any good? idk bout the bolt on spring over, i would weld sothething up. but tell me what you think

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Jeep-Com ... enameZWDVW

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i thought about doing it then decided not to b/c:


-does not address LCA/UCA situation as of yet

-3" springs and 3"spacers...not in my comfort zone (get 4.54-5" springs)

-I have a D44 so the SOA kit wouldnt work


for a cheap lift it a good solution but i would hold out for a better lift that will address the control arms...i needed longer LCA on my MJ..l think my front sits about 3.75" or 4"...not sure b/c i don't have stock front fender anymore :D

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how is the rough country? i have heard the springs are really stiff. but then again this is an almost 20year old jeep truck. and i saw the the re also has just bout everything, just no shocks. i will look at rough country some. thanks for helping a fellow jeeper jamminz.gif

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RE is an awesome kit but i can afford it....although i am a master of trading and buying stuff so i will have shortly the DB, LCA, UCA for about 350-400 and already have the 4.5" RE springs for $30.... :D


I have a Rough Country Kit in my MJ right now and ill admit that it was stiff at first but now has a really smooth ride and i have no complaints....if you wanna do a cheap lift and upgrade later go with the RC...but if you don't plan to upgrade to longarms anytime soon...drop some coin on the RE kit and youll be much happier

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If I was going out and buying a lift kit there are a few things it would have to have especially if I was going over 4.5" of lift



Upper adjustable arms


A heavy duty style trac bar that mounts the frame side in Double shear


also a set of quality disconnects ( JKS or similar style)



Pretty much everything else is almost identical just painted different colors... I can almost swear that which ever company that made the Rough country lowers is the same that made a set of Rusty's control arms I have, the only difference I see is the color :eek:


The only advice I give when buying any kit is make sure they include all NEW hardware, and buy your shocks after you have installed your kit and flexed it

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yeah, the chevy shackles are the hot tip for getting another inch very cheaply.

I think they cost about $25 from summit.





DO you have a welder?

do you have a friend with a welder?


if so, just go and buy the 4.5" springs you want for the front, along with control arms and shocks of your choice.


Goto the mopar dealership, get a pair of mopar perfromace spring perches. They'll cost you 8 bucks.


do an SOA in the rear, lift the front to match.


that rocky road kits has a few things that bother me.


The firrst is control arms for up front. stock control arms at 5" is a bad idea. Stock control arms at any height suck if you wheel hard.


secondly, tht bolt on SOA.

Sure, that seems like a great idea, and it doesn't look unsafe in any way.

If you wheel it will suck. Plain and simple.

I can't wait to go SOA and removed the gigantic rock grabbing perches below my axle. Those will be no different, and you'll find yourself getting hung up on them all the time.

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well i think i am going to do a 3.5in lift, its already lifted by the PO, but it was done in the front with a 3in spacer :eek: so i will get the re kit and leave the back till it sags or somthing. don't have the funds to go as high as i want now. thanks for all of the help everyone

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