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Aight Blowby and some grit.............

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Replaced my rear vent on the valve cover with one of the little filters (shiny) started the truck up today and at high idle I start getting some smoke and oil out of the front. pulled the hose off and looked in the valve cover........ there is about an inch of gritty ugly build up...... can't be good...


So here's my question, should I pull the valve cover clean it out put in another new gasket and add in another one of the little filters?


Will this improve the quality of my life enough to justify the effort?


Thank ya much, I'm headed outside to try installing my power bucket seats that don't seem to want to bolt in without a fight.....

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I've got a 90 4.0 w/240,000. I replaced all the lines and took the valve coveer off and cleaned it, still blowby. Mine didn't have build-up like yours. If mine had that much build-up I'd do it, not that hard, I just had to make new gaskets for the vents inside. I replaced the hoses and didn't clean the vc on my 89 w/140,000 and cured the blowby. Up to you.

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compression test, dry and wet.


no sense doing all that nasty work if the blowby is a by product of worn out rings.

do that and a leak down test , those 2 things will tell u alot about whats going on inside , my gues is its worn rings causing the blow by

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They're both supposed to draw a light vacuum to pull the half-burnt oil fumes from the crank case, so they can be run back into the engine and burnt. It's an emissions thing.



I have the front one plugged and a filter on the rear. It smokes like mad right now. But I think that's because there's still gas in my oil more than anything. I need to run it a bit more then change the oil and we'll see what comes out of it... It'll probably just puke oil then.

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