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Buying my first Comanche

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Hey first time buyer of a Comanche and wanted to do my due diligence and verify what I'm getting with some experts. I have to fly across my country to get this one so don't wanna do all this for nothing. And thank you to anyone who can help. 













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1 hour ago, Jeep Driver said:

Another can of worms........we are gluttons for punishment aren't we?


Since you're willing to travel anyway...........


Why would you buy that POS hack when for a few dollars more you can buy this?





Yeah that one does look like a much better candidate. Only problem is I'm from Canada and getting vehicles across the border is a hassle. That coupled with me not having a passport doesn't help. Are there any in Canada that you would recommend more?

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There's really not much information there to go by. It's the equivalent of only about 80,000 miles, which is extremely young for a 4.0L. The AW4 tranny is very reliable and durable. Body looks solid, but you should ask for photos of the underside of the cab to see if the floors have rusted out. If so, they can be repaired but it's a negotiating point.


Not sure what model it is. It has idiot lights, which suggests base model, but it has the optional "wagon" wheels and dual, XJ-style mirrors (the base model came standard with a single "flag" style mirror screwed into the sheet metal of the driver's door). It certainly looks to be worth considering, but it's a real risk when it's so far away that you can't check it out before buying. Can you get more information, or maintenance records? Does Carfax cover Canada?

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The Okanagan valley is a reasonably warm and dry climate. Any time I'm down that way, I'm shocked at how clean all the older vehicles look. There's a pretty good chance for a nicely rust-free body there, but it's tough to say without seeing in person. It's also a hotbed of people who wanted to move to a warm, dry climate in the mountains, so there's no guarantee the truck originated there. 

If you're heading out east with it, please don't drive a rust-free MJ in the winter.

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Just the fact they posted it as a 98 MJ is a huge red flag.  They either made a typo or have no idea what they have, and judging by the paint, I'd say they don't know what they've got. 


It could be worth the trip if they only figured out how to operate a spray can and not the toolbox.  Can't really tell with the few pictures they offered tho.  If you don't mind spending the money to get there and walk away from it, it can't hurt to just look.  However, my honest recommendation would be to find something else closer to you. 

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