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Heater Hose Bling


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Every time I see a photo of your engine compartment I have an overwhelming urge to strip out my engine and detail everything.


But if I sit in my lounger and have a G&T, the urge passes.  The miracle of internal application of “medicine” for adjustment of unrealistic expectations.

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On 8/31/2018 at 9:53 PM, HOrnbrod said:

Thanks Fred, but my stuff is filthy junk compared to this guy. His MJ builds and attention to detail are like no one else's. The man really knows his stuff.  :beerchug:

 Yes that is really difficult to look at such filth.  What, may I ask, are you wiping down your engine with?

The chrome strips on the front of your truck shown elsewhere look to have no dents and shines like it is new.  How did you manage that?  

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