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Project Deja vu

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I picked it up this morning and started to tear it apart because the interior is trashed, the PO used the interior as an ashtray and it has seen better days . I will be putting the Agate interior in and it was included in the purchase price of the Cherokee, I just have to go and pull the parts myself. 


As mentioned before it's really solid except for one spot ... the passenger front floor . 


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6 minutes ago, sinkrun said:

Looks WAY beter than mine I don't even see any rust and I know how it shows up on white.

I spent some time on it and did some quick bodywork to make it look better . I went through the Jeep and replaced the brakes , gave it an oil change , scrubbed the interior, put a new exhaust and O2 sensors on it for the next owner (whoever that will be ..) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sold my original Cherokee last Saturday to the first person that came to look at it . It  was hard to see it go after having it for 16  years, but it had to be done ... 


I went today and grabbed the interior I'll be installing in my new Cherokee, after searching through a 100 XJs I found a limited interior in good shape . 


On a side note , I forgot how many more interior pieces a XJ had than an MJ ( I got my work cut out for me ) . 


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6 minutes ago, HOrnbrod said:

The never-ending rust fight. Looks like you are winning.   :beerchug:

For now lol. It was a lesson learned on the last XJ , I'm taking more steps to try to prevent / prolong the rust . I'll be using fluid film as I've seen good results using it on my DD MJ , I'll be happy to get 5 to 10 years out of it ( longer would be great ) 

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10 hours ago, Strokermjcomanche said:

Also will be installing this as well , a big thanks goes out to Rob (automan2164 on here ) for selling this NOS mopar subwoofer. Can't wait to hear how it sounds ... 



:jammin:  I love rare nos things.

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29 minutes ago, HOrnbrod said:

That sub would be nice in an MJ spare under the bed too. You would really have to crank it up though when underway. 




I already have a Borla that provides the soundtrack from down there.  

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  • 2 years later...

 Wow! I really dropped the ball on this thread. So I had 167,000 miles on it when I purchased it, now I'm at 215,000. 


 I didn't take any pictures when I did the rest of this.  I installed new leaf springs, shocks, magna flow exhaust, and it has basically been trouble free even to this day. 


Had a little mishap at work three weeks ago, they were spraying some safety yellow several places close to where I park and got yellow paint all over my Cherokee. I spent several days removing the yellow paint off of everything, what a feat that was.  A combination of Clay-bar, buffing ,having to take my roof rack off and re-spraying it black, another set of mirrors. Now I have it all taken off , they say they will never spray yellow paint again lol.


 So here's the reason I'm updating the thread, so far I've got about a year of collecting parts. Need to collect parts  for the fuel management and I'll be ready to install it .  I carry tools with me and it has become a bit anemic and tired. 




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