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1988 Comanche Restoration Project

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Last week, I bought a 1988 Comanche Pioneer. It has the 4.0, AX15, 4wd. I intend on doing a full restoration over the next year. Some of the things it is going to need are:

- Tail Lights

- Long Bed (P.O. cut the bottom off of the back to prevent rubbing)

- Doors (a little rusty)

- Rear bumper

- Front Bumper

- Chrome Grille & Light Bezels

- Console

- Door Panels

- Various trim pieces

- Paint

- A/C Work

- And a lot more....


Please, if you have any parts for sale - feel free to let me know. I am in the market. Now on to the good stuff.....


Last week on the way home:



In the driveway for the first time.




I will keep this updated as I fix things. Stay tuned!



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Update on the Comanche Project:


Since my last post, I have done a lot. The interior has come a long way. Here are some before and after pictures. Some things to notice in the before pictures include the vice grip window crank, the igloo cooler dual-purpose console/speaker box, the melted vent phone holder, and the Radio Shack CB with no wiring lol. 





















Next up: closed to open cooling system "upgrade" pictures. I am slowly cleaning up the engine bay.  



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