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Hey guys I need some help. Was driving down the road came to a red light sitting in 1st gear with the clutch in, it wanted to stall, right when I took off it stalled and the pedal went limp/ had no pressure. Is that a slave cylinder issue? Or what could be wrong? Thanks. 

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Well sounds like a bummer for me then. I picked up a rusty and trusty I4 2wd manual swb 92 a couple a months ago. The clutch flops to thr floor every now an again after sitting. Sometimes the res is low other times its not. I always check add if necessary and pump. After 30 times or so I check res. I only had to add once after pumping and it waz the first time. I probably didnt check it though first an add before pumping. X my fingers but so far Ive put a couple hundred or more miles on it in 2 months. Limping it around that way. I however, have not been able to find any leaks. I did though replace the cheap cap. It seams not near as bad. I don't get why all these res caps r this cheap thin plastic. Why can't they be steal or aluminum? Even the res would be nice that way on the ho. That's why I like that heavy week renix brake😄.

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